“Ask Me 3” With Nadine Stille

Welcome to a bonus “Ask Me 3” episode with coach and consultant Nadine Stille, who helps moms find more balance and joy as working parents.

Listen as I ask Nadine the 3 questions:
1. How can moms/ parents prioritize their own wellbeing? 
2. What are quick ways to get calm and grounded for when it’s stressful all around you?
3. What are some ways to bring more joy into everyday life of a busy mom/ parent?

Listen as Nadine asks me the 3 questions:
1. Even with routines in place and plenty of advance acknowledgements, what else can parents and caregivers do, to avoid drama, knowing that their child reacts strongly to certain words and activities,  like ‘It’s time for bed’, ‘Let’s get dressed’ or ‘We’re having dinner now and we’ll switch off the tv’?
2. What’s one activity that parents can do to help both young and older kids to be more confident in their own abilities and worth? 
3.  For anxious kids that get easily overwhelmed or stressed by new situations, what’s an easy step to help them build more resilience?



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