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Who Am I?

I’m Rachel Bailey, and I give parents the tools they need to foster more responsible, resilient, and confident children.

This translates into less yelling, less resistance, lower stress, and better attitudes for everyone in the house.

Free Training for Parents

Diffuse Meltdowns & Foster Resilience In Your “Big Emotion” Children

while allowing you to feel in control (even in “dramatic” situations), worry less, and enjoy parenting more

Get instant access to this on-demand Training Where You’ll Learn About:
  • Pillar 1 – The Matched Intensity technique that allows you stop getting sucked into your child’s drama so you can diffuse emotions and situations more quickly
  • Pillar 2 – The Elevated Coping strategy that will motivate your child to choose healthy coping skills to handle it when things don’t go their way…even if you’ve taught them strategies before and they don’t use them
  • Pillar 3 – The Connected Growth approach that will reduce conflict — even between spouses AND siblings — and help your family learn to address challenges as a team

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