Improve the behavior, moods, and attitudes in your home.

Do you want to raise children who…

act responsibly, even when they don’t feel like it?

do the right thing, even when no one is there to remind them?

react respectfully, even when they don’t get their way? 

can solve problems, even if they don’t have all the answers?

I can help.

I’m Rachel Bailey. For over a decade, I’ve helped thousands of parents bring out the best in their children. In addition to my master’s degree in clinical psychology, I have been an ADHD coach, in-home mentor (helping to improve family dynamics), therapist, and teacher of positive parenting techniques. 

I’m also a mom who wants my kids to be able to do what they’re supposed to do, handle challenges they’re going to face, and feel confident about themselves….but raising them in this way does not come naturally to me

Like you, I tried “traditional” strategies — yelling, threatening, even the “positive” ones like rewards and praise. But none of those strategies worked in the long run, and they didn’t feel good for me or my kids. So I learned how to switch from “band-aid parenting” (using strategies that don’t stick) to “long-game parenting,” which leads to results that last and make me feel more confident and in control.  And at this point, I’ve taught thosands of families how to enjoy their kids again.

And I can teach you too.

Want immediate relief?

In about 20 minutes, we can develop a plan to

address these issues in your family


  • Helping Kids Transition Off of Screens

  • Handling Schoolwork With Fewer Power Struggles

  • Reducing Sibling Fighting

  • Not Getting Sucked into Kids’ Big Emotions

  • Managing Your Own Parenting Stress & Anxiety

Want long-term support?

The Rachel Bailey Parenting Academy

Club offers parents an entire

community of support

  • Time with me during “Office Hours” to ask questions

  • Access to a parenting Resource Library 

  • A private Facebook group where parents collaborate

  • Scripts so you how to handle difficult parenting situations 

  • Personalized behavior roadmaps  

  • Daily inspirational texts to help you stay on track