Raising Resilience

A monthly membership to learn Long Game strategies for

improving resilience, confidence, and connection in families with big emotions.

You want more peace in your home.

You’re a parent who’s read all of the parenting books, scoured the blogs, and listened to all the podcasts (mine included!).

You’re here because you want to know what action to take to support your child, yourself, and your family.

But you’re also TIRED, so you need a step-by-step action that tells you EXACTLY how to MAKE THINGS BETTER… not just now, but in the long run (so you can finally sleep soundly at night).

I can offer that relief and
reduce the emotional burden you’ve been carrying for so long.

Welcome to the Raising Resilience Membership

IAs a member, you’ll learn how specific Long Game tools to so you can:

Handle big emotions — sensitivity, disrespect, & more

Understand how to respond effectively when your child can’t handle the fact that things aren’t going their way. (Know what to say and do to calm them in the moment and help them handle discomfort long-term.)

Support anxious children

Get strategies to support your child who worries… and strategies to build their resilience in the long run. (Help them see things differently and respond differently when they face challenges.)

Foster responsible behavior and internal motivation

Learn what to say and do to motivate children and adolescents to clean up when they’re supposed to, do their homework, or get off of their devices. (Yes, you CAN respond the first time you ask them to do something!)

Stay calm as a parent – in ANY situation

Learn effective tools for addressing your own feelings of stress, overwhelm, resentment, and guilt (even when they’re not related to parenting!).

Plus so much more!

Thank you so much!

“I just wanted to let you know how much of an impact this is having on my life as a whole….I’ve been able to feel in control again, in my parenting, career, and family relationships.”

I’m on a mission to help parents feel more in control while raising responsible, resilient, and confident kids.

If we haven’t met before, I’m Rachel Bailey, Parenting Specialist, speaker, podcaster, and CREATOR of the LONG GAME METHOD.

I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, a certification in Positive Discipline, and have served 2000+ families as an ADHD coach, in-home mentor, therapist, parenting consultant.

My work has been focused on improving the dynamics between family members and fostering responsible behavior, resilience, and healthy self-esteem in children (and adults!).

But if I’m being honest, my success isn’t based on any natural parenting abilities. I was not born to be a parent.

And if I didn’t do this for a living, I’d use the same “band-aid” strategies that I see most parents using. (You know — those strategies that don’t seem to lead to consistent results.)

It’s because I struggle as a parent sometimes that I know which tools you need to see long-term, positive results. I teach practical strategies because that’s what I need myself.

I’d love to teach you these tools as well, just as I’ve taught so many other parents so that you can finally feel more confident and in control… and feel good about the way you’re parenting.

here’s our plan inside The
“Raising Resilience” Membership

step one

Learn The Long Game Method

Over the past 10 years, I’ve come up with a proven system that you’ll learn via brief training videos + Action Sheets (so you can apply the information to your situation and take action).

The Method includes 3 pillars:
~Diffusing Drama
~Fostering Emotional Resilience
~Setting Effective Limits

Best of all, the program unlocks as you learn it, so you can stay out of content overwhelm.

Step Two

Receive the Support You Need

LIVE Q&As: As you’re going through the lessons, you’re likely to have questions! In weekly Q&A sessions, I will answer your questions + identify solutions that fit YOUR situation. With my support, you’ll gain the clarity you need to handle the situations you face with confidence.

TEXT MESSAGES: Let’s be real. Life often derails us. And on our toughest days, we may need a little boost. Brief (1-2 sentences) daily text messages offer reminders, motivation, and inspiration to help you stay on track… even on the toughest days.

Step Three

Get Accountability + See Long Term Results

As a member, you’ll also have the opportunity to join live “Results + Accountability” group classes so you can receive even more support in a smaller setting.

These groups include goal-setting and check-ins, deeper practice with the material, and exercises to ensure that you master the strategies for long-lasting peace and calm in your home.

Ready for PEACE?

What other parents asked before joining

Very simply, the Raising Resilience program provides you with a step-by-step roadmap + my support to foster resilience and healthy self-esteem in your children and more peace and connection in your family. And since you’ll be teaching skills to your children, YOU won’t be the one making it all happen!

Live sessions are offered both during the day and in the evening. However, if you can’t make any of these sessions, the video recordings (with time markers to indicate when questions were asked) are sent to you so you can work through them in your own time. 

Although you will learn a methodology when you first join Raising Resilience, the program isn’t meant to offer more and more information (like a course may). It’s meant to help you MASTER strategies, one at a time, so that you feel more and more confident as a parent. It’s also meant to provide ongoing support through the variety of challenges and phases that your children go through as they grow!

I have experience supporting families of children ages 2-22, but most of the resources in Raising Resilience were created for parents of children aged 2-12.
If you have a child older than 12, you can ask questions about your situation in the live Q&As… or talk reach out to me for a more tailored approach.

I know how busy you are. The resources in the membership are meant to SAVE you time because. The solutions are meant to reduce power struggles, meltdowns, nagging, and other dynamics that are currently taking up so much of your time and energy.

Raising Resilience resources are all easily-digestible and delivered in a variety of formats…so you can use the format that fits into your busy lifestyle!

Membership is $99/month. This gives you access to the learn-as-you-go Long Game Method training, practice sessions, and community.

Members can also pay to join smaller, live 6-week accountability groups with me on any of the Long Game pillars for just $500 per group.

This is the best deal for access to the my strategies, as private coaching with me costs $250/hour. Joining the membership will save you money and time!

Still have questions about joining Raising Resilience? We’d love to hear from you!

Here’s my commitment to you

I can teach you the steps to create a calm, peaceful home.

You can be that parent who doesn’t go to bed feeling exhausted and guilty each night, dreading the next (Groundhog) day!

You can feel more confident in your ability to handle your children’s big emotions so you don’t have to walk on eggshells or avoid setting boundaries for fear of their meltdowns.

You can feel less worried and anxious and stay in control of your emotions and handle any chaos around you without making it worse.

It IS possible to set boundaries without having to yell and engage in power struggles when asking your children to go to sleep, do their homework, clean up after themselves, and get dressed when they’re supposed to.

It IS possible to enjoy — and actually look forward to — more time with your kids rather than dreading weekends and time off from school.

Join the Raising Resilience membership, so you can start to reduce the negative interactions and power struggles – starting right now.

Reduce that burden you’ve been carrying for so long.

Things can be how you want them to be.

The resources in the membership teach you the specific action to take to reduce your overwhelm as you’re reducing the drama and increasing the flexibility and connection in your family.

On top of that, accountability and practice sessions to make sure you actually use these tools.

This means more peace in your family — while improving your child’s resilience, their belief in themselves, and their trust in you.