“Ask Me 3” With Beryl Young

Welcome to a bonus “Ask Me 3” episode with Creativity Coach Beryl Young!

Listen as I ask Beryl the 3 questions:
1. How did you personally discover the powerful connection between creativity and self-care, and what led you to become a self-care coach? 
2. What are some common misconceptions or barriers people often face when it comes to integrating creativity into their self-care routine, and how do you help them overcome these challenges?
3. What advice do you give to those who struggle with finding time for creative pursuits amidst the demands of daily life and responsibilities?

Listen as Beryl asks me the 3 questions:
1. I’m all about showing parents that it’s essential to address your own needs for self-care and well-being while also attending to your kids needs. How do you recommend parents strike this balance between fulfilling their personal needs and the responsibilities as a parent? 
2. I’m just about to enter parenting a teenager and my role as a parent I can feel shifting. I have more time for me but I worry about maintaining open lines of connection and communication with my kiddo. What advice do you have for fostering healthy communication and trust between parents and teenagers?
3. Teenagers (and kids of all ages really) are increasingly exposed to social media and digital technologies at younger and younger ages. How can parents effectively navigate this digital landscape and help their teens develop healthy screen time habits?



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