Episode 52

As the novelty of a new school year is starting to wear off, kids’ behavior may be becoming more and more frustrating. Often our instinct is to respond to this behavior by asking “How can we make them do what they’re supposed to do?” instead of “WHY aren’t they doing what they’re supposed to do?” 

In this episode, I interview two experts, Debbie Rosen and Lindsey Thoms, who discuss that frustrating school-related behavior is often related to under-developed executive functioning skills.

From our discussion, you’ll learn

  • Strategies to compensate for under-developed executive functioning skills 
  • How to approach kids and adolescents in a way that they’ll be open to our suggestions
  • Specific phrases you can use to that lead to solutions rather than power struggles 

Referenced in this episode:

The StudyPro: https://thestudypro.com/

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