Are You Tuning In or Turning Out?

When our children misbehave, it’s so easy to try to search for that “right thing” to say to make them more obedient.

And we do this because we want what’s best for them in the future.

And we do this because we want them to succeed in their relationships with other people.

Unfortunately, trying to change our kids’ behavior, trying to prevent bad things from happening in the future, and trying to make others happy are all out of our control. Instead of “turning out” by focusing on things that we can’t control, we can “tune in” to our own parenting instincts… and raise children who make healthy choices because they choose to, not because we’ve convinced them to.

Here’s an explanation of the difference between “turning out” and “tuning in” and how it can help you feel confident about raising children who become the best version of themselves.

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