Join The “Long Game” Method for Raising Children with Big Emotions


Life with a child with big emotions can be exhausting. You know…

  • The meltdowns when you ask them to get off of their device to eat dinner
  • The out-of-the blue (and often illogical) reactions when you ask  your child a simple question
  • The difficulty with transitions, even when they’re going somewhere they enjoy
  • The wondering what mood your child will be in and how it will affect the tone in your home that day
  • Sensitivity to criticism when you mention one thing they might want to do differently
  • Freak outs when they sense that something is “not fair”



  • You knew how to diffuse any situation, even when your child is particularly angry, upset, or irrational 
  • You could confidently teach your child effective coping strategies — and get them to use them in the moment!
  • You no longer had to walk on eggshells or change your boundaries to avoid the drama that takes so long (and so much energy!) to address
  • Family events were no longer ruined by your child’s lack of flexibility or negative attitude

I can get you there.


The Long Game Method for
Raising Children With Big Emotions

After working with hundreds of families with at least one member with big emotions over the past 10+ years, I’ve seen firsthand what leads to fewer power struggles, less drama, and more connection among ALL members of your family (including spouses and siblings!).

I can show you exactly what to say and do to get there.



“What I learned from you really, really gave me comfort, hope and motivation to taking action. You helped us find a way to actually make things better for everyone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” 
– D.M.
“So helpful! Your practical tips are gold. I’ve absolutely seen results using your advice. Thank you!”
– A.K.

I’m on a mission to help parents feel more in control while raising responsible, resilient, and confident kids.

If we haven’t met before, I’m Rachel Bailey, Parenting Specialist, speaker, podcaster, and creator OF the parenting academy and “Long Game Method” programs

I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, a certification in Positive Discipline, and have served parents as an ADHD coach, in-home mentor, therapist, and teacher of positive parenting techniques.

My work has been focused on improving the dynamics between family members and fostering responsible behavior, resilience, and healthy self-esteem in children (and adults!).

But if I’m being honest, my success isn’t based on any natural parenting abilities. I was not born to be a parent.

And if I didn’t do this for a living, I’d use the same “band-aid” strategies that I see most parents using. (You know — those strategies that don’t seem to lead to consistent results.)

It’s because I struggle as a parent sometimes that I know which tools you need to see long-term, positive results. I teach practical strategies because that’s what I need myself.

I’d love to teach you these tools as well, just as I’ve taught so many other parents so that you can finally feel more confident and in control… and feel good about the way you’re parenting.

Let’s get down to business

Here’s How We’ll Implement The Long Game Method In Your Home

Step one

Take Back Control

The first 4 weeks in the program are dedicated to helping you feel more confident in handling the “drama” you currently face on a daily basis. During our live coaching calls, you will take action to:

  • Learn how to diffuse any situation more quickly and effectively
  • Respond in alignment with your parenting values, even when your child is being defiant, irrational, disrespectful, or melting down
  • Finally be consistent in your responses so that you feel more in control AND your big-feeling child can move through their feelings more quickly
Step Two

Increase Resilience

Once you’ve mastered yourself, we’ll move on to helping your child handle the fact that things won’t always go the way they want them to. Over the next 5 weeks, you will take action to:

  • Teach your child what they need to handle the fact that life isn’t always going to go their way
  • Help your child see situations differently so they don’t melt down at transitions, when they lose a game, or when others don’t do exactly what they wanted them to
  • Motivate your child to consistently use their coping strategies…without you having to remind them (which tends not to go well!)
Step Three

Reconnect Your Family

And finally, we’ll spend our last 3 weeks in this program focused on your entire family…because let’s face it, big emotions in your home affect everyone! During those coaching calls, you will take action to:

  • Apply the Connected Growth Approach to reduce the negative impact that big emotions have had on your family, including sibling relationships, your marriage, and even situations with in-laws and others
  • Stop carrying the emotional burden of having to soothe your big-emotion child, worry about your other children, and explain everything to your spouse
  • Spend more positive time together as a family, both in everyday interactions and during holidays and vacations
  • Handle challenges as a connected unit rather than individual family members arguing with each other or isolating themselves

The Details

  • The next group of this program will begin the week of November 14. The program lasts 12 weeks, though we may adjust dates for the holidays.
  • Live meetings for this group will be on Fridays (starting November 18) at 12PM ET. Joining the live meetings is incredibly helpful, but there will be replays if you’re unable to attend.
  • Each Monday during the 12 weeks, you’ll receive a 10-20 minute video, which will include a training and action to take. When we meet on Friday, we’ll discuss the results of your action and work together through (very powerful!) practice exercises to reinforce what you learned. I’ll help you address any challenges you’re facing so that you feel more confident each week.
  • There will also be a private online group for us to check in throughout the week. There, you can ask questions and share successes. I’ll also be adding quick bonus tips to keep you on track!

“I had to let you know how much of an impact this training is having on my life as a whole. Not only has it helped me handle her big emotions better, but “focus on what you can control” has become a mantra in my whole life. When I start spiraling out in my head about situations at work or in my relationships, I bring up this mantra and it really helps me to ease my anxiety.”
– S.W.
I just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity to be part of your program! It had such a huge impact on our family and the way my husband and I would handle situations with our son.

– B. B.

What Other Parents Ask Before Joining

This program is for parents who:

  • Have at least one child who feels things strongly
  • Are tired of their child’s moods and attitudes having such an impact on their family
  • Are exhausted from the burden of managing so many people’s emotions
  • Are worried about how their kids will handle life — from visiting grandparents to dealing with obstacles as they get old
  • Creave a clear plan they can follow consistently… allowing them to feel more confident and in control 

You will receive access to the software shortly after you register. There will be resources available for you to use right away! Then you’ll join your first live session on the date that your group begins.

In this program, Rachel will be guiding you through a new lesson live every week, leading you through the program answering any question you have about what you’re learning or situations you’re facing.

You also have access to her and the other group members through the coaching software.

Adding 1:1 sessions with Rachel is also possible as an upgrade to this program.

The tools were created for parents of children ages 3-12. Depending on the group, there may some breakout groups so that you can go through exercises with parents who children are similar in age to yours.

If you are a parent of a teen, contact Rachel to talk about how she tailors this program to support you.

We highly encourage this and it’s no problem! They can join any call. Many couples have filled out course material together and find that quite valuable in getting on the same page.

You receive

  • 12 lessons that include Long Game tools for raising children with big emotions
  • 12 weeks of live support from Rachel for the Practice Calls every Friday, as well as a chance to get your questions answered, learn how to improve how you handle situations
  • Accountability groups to help you stay on track
  • Evaluations to ensure that you’re seeing the results that you want
  • A supportive environment with other parents who are going through the same thing you are

This program is NOT for parents who:

  • Are unwilling to consider their role in the current dynamics and do not consider working on themselves as part of the solution 
  • Are not able to to make an investment of time and emotional energy 
  • Believe things will get better even if they don’t intervene 

The next live group of this program starts the week of November 14, with access to the first long game tool. And our first group Practice Call will be on Friday, November 18 at 12pm ET.

This is absolutely fine (and common!). Part of the program is to consider needs of all members of family. We’ll talk about how strategies fit for each.

This program is not JUST theoretical and it is not JUST more information being thrown at you. You will be learning a specific “long game” tools that follow a specific order to bring positive change to your home.

But more importantly, you’ll be taking action to use those tools, and Rachel will help you modify them (based on what’s working and what isn’t) to ensure that you’re seeing results in your family.

Many couples who are initially not on the same page use this program to create a plan that brings them closer.

However, even if your partner is not on board, you can still be successful in changing the dynamic in your home.

Yes, there is a payment option — 5 payments of $460/month.

But to thank you for participating in the live challenge, you can save an extra $250 across your payments right now! (see below)

Join now to claim your $250 savings


Here’s what you get: