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Companies and law firms that offer their employees parenting support see greater employee retention, reduced staff sick days, higher job satisfaction and increased productivity

This benefit became a necessity for the best places to work as they look for more ways to support working parents through the effects of the pandemic such as increased parenting stress, burnout, and the Great Resignation.

Organizations that offer working parents in-office support from human behavior experts like Rachel Bailey often see greater employee retention, reduced staff sick days, and higher job satisfaction.

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Parents are struggling these days.

“Depending on your practice area and where you work, being a lawyer can take a brutal toll on your work-life balance. Lawyering can be all-consuming, 24/7, customer service-driven work without traditional start and stop points.” Liane Jackson, How pandemic practice left lawyer-moms facing burnout, August 1, 2021ABA Journal

The industry might lose more attorneys to burnout and career changes.

“Law firms may also consider a suite of additional resources, some micro-add-ons and some more sweeping initiatives, to support working parents.“ Whittney Beard and Malini Nangia – Call It a Crisis: Law Firms Need to Quickly Respond to Needs of Working Parents,” August 12,

It is imperative that the legal industry similarly demonstrate a clear commitment to, and investment in, working parents. Such a collective action can build public pressure among law firms to provide better resources and support for working parents.

As one source explained, “we’re all Type A personalities, and you inevitably do want the best of both worlds.” But making partner and holding a family together isn’t exactly child’s play, especially combined with a high-achieving lawyerly personality. How to become a parent in BigLawChambers|Associate


Rachel has been quoted in The Washington Post, Law.Com and Corporate Counsel

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Helping Parent Lawyers

Over years of working with parents, I have supported many who were lawyers. During this time, I have noticed some common threads in how both legal training and practicing law translate to parenting style.

This workshop is specifically designed to address the unique stresses and situations that many lawyers face — including corporate counsel, partners, and associates in law firms.