Get a PERSONALIZED Long Game Plan

In this private 60-minute live session, we’ll create a plan to address a situation that’s weighing you down.

Sometimes you just need to know exactly what to do to make things BETTER.

Let’s make that happen.

  • In this 60-minute, 1:1 session, we’ll focus on one issue* you’re facing, and you’ll leave our session with an action plan. (Oh, and you’ll get a copy of it sent to you as well.)
  • Issues may be things like:
    … my child won’t clean up when I ask her to
    … my son acts “bossy” with other people
    … my daughter shuts down when she has to do anything new or difficult
  • The goal is to help you create ACTIONABLE STRUCTURE for a situation that currently feels chaotic or overwhelming.

*Why are we focusing on just one issue? Because when you focus on one thing, you actually get RESULTS!


You find a time to meet with me
I’ll send you a form to gather information about the issue you want to address
We’ll meet 1:1 for 60 minutes and work as a team — you as an expert in your family and me as an expert in behavior & moods
You leave with a prioritized action plan for what to do to improve the situation
We’ll talk about ways I can help with implementation & accountability if desired.

I’ve spent the last decade working with parents like you.

I’m Rachel Bailey, Parenting Specialist (and former therapist) who has been supporting parents who are raising children with big emotions for the last 10+ years.

Although I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and have served many roles in the field of psychology (ADHD Coach, Academic Coach, in-home mentor, psychotherapist), my passion has always been helping families reduce the drama in their homes.

That’s because not only have I helped hundreds of parents of foster resilience in their dramatic, sensitive, kids … but I’m also raising highly emotional (anxious, sensitive) children myself. I know what it’s like to not only feel exhausted worrying about and managing their responses on a daily basis… but also to spend much mental energy worrying about their future and whether they’ll be able to handle life.

I also know that the way we naturally respond to their big emotions and try to foster resilience… doesn’t work. And I know what to do differently. And if I know that if I didn’t have these tools, things would be much worse.

In our 1:1 session, I’ll share custom strategies that have made such a big difference not only in my home, but in the homes of all of the families I’ve supported over the years.

Imagine this:
Instead of feeling depleted, helpless, guilty, and resentful,
you feel….


You know the exact action to take to address your situation because we’ve identified WHY it’s happening in the first place and how to address those issues.


You know how this situation will build your child’s resilience and confidence. You also see how you can let go of the weight you’ve been holding onto for so long!


You know that we’ve created a LONG GAME plan — one that will bring results that last long into the future… and one that will impact your entire family.

Are you ready to finally resolve a situation that’s worried and exhausted you?