Parenting Parties


You want laughs. You want fun. You want to know how to raise children who thrive.


If you are at all like me, when you get together with your friends, you connect, share stories, and laugh… and also spend a lot of time talking about your kids and how badly you want to feel confident that you’re raising your children to meet their full potential.

As a mom and Positive Parenting specialist, I believe in fun, connection, support, laughter, and possessing the tools to raise children who thrive. I have combined all of those qualities and created Parenting Parties, a service that I offer to groups in Northern Virginia.

Parenting Parties provide a fun and supportive environment for confronting the challenges that parents face every day. Those who attend learn my tips and tricks for decreasing household anxiety–and they learn from the wisdom and openness of their friends.

A Parenting Party offers: 

  • Knowledge: At the party, everyone will receive strategies for handling common parenting issues in a way that will help set the foundation for your children’s long-term success
  • Fun: While there, members connect with friends, enjoy good conversation, laugh about kids’ silliest moments, and share all of stories that make parents smile… and cry
  • Convenience: Members of the group don’t have to do anything more than show up, hopefully with a desire to learn some new parenting tools

Parenting Parties are available in Northern Virginia throughout Fairfax and Loudoun Counties. You gather a group of your friends, and I will come to your location.

Parties last about 90 minutes and include activities, parent education (on the topic of your choice), and time for individual parents’ questions.

Rate: $200 per event. (The more families who join, the less each family pays!)