The Parenting Academy

The last thing you need is more parenting content.

I know you’re a parent who’s read all of the parenting books, researched all the BPA-free plastics and organic foods, and listened to all the podcasts (mine included!)

That’s probably why you’re on this page!

So you know WHAT to do.

The question is: How do you it?

Welcome to the Parenting Academy

In the Parenting Academy, you’ll learn how to actually see results so you can:

Get kids to listen the first time you ask

Learn what to say and do to motivate children and adolescents to clean up when they’re supposed to, do their homework, or get off of their devices

Handle meltdowns and big emotions

Understand how to respond effectively when your child can’t handle the fact that things aren’t didn’t go their way

Support anxious children

Get strategies to support your child who worries… and strategies to builde their resilience in the long run

Plus so much more!

Thank you so much!

“I just wanted to let you know how much of an impact this is having on my life as a whole….I’ve been able to feel in control again, in my parenting, career, and family relationships.”

I’m on a mission to help parents feel more in control while raising responsible, resilient, and confident kids.

If we haven’t met before, I’m Rachel Bailey, Parenting Specialist, speaker, podcaster, and founder of the Parenting Academy.

I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, a certification in Positive Discipline, and have served parents as an ADHD coach, in-home mentor, therapist, and teacher of positive parenting techniques.

My work has been focused on improving the dynamics between family members and fostering responsible behavior, resilience, and healthy self-esteem in children (and adults!).

But if I’m being honest, my success isn’t based on any natural parenting abilities. I was not born to be a parent.

And if I didn’t do this for a living, I’d use the same “band-aid” strategies that I see most parents using. (You know — those strategies that don’t seem to lead to consistent results.)

It’s because I struggle as a parent sometimes that I know which tools you need to see long-term, positive results. I teach practical strategies because that’s what I need myself.

I’d love to teach you these tools as well, just as I’ve taught so many other parents so that you can finally feel more confident and in control… and feel good about the way you’re parenting.

here’s our plan inside the Parenting Academy

Rachel Bailey’s Parenting Academy will hold you accountable to implementing parenting tools and growing your parenting skills so you see results

Let’s get down to business

Here is what we cover…

step one

Learn The 4R Response Method

Over the last 10 years I’ve come up with a proven system for how to respond to any situation. And your first 14 days in the Academy is dedicated to learning how to Reduce Your Yuck, Respond Effectively, Identify Roadblocks, and Build Routines.

Best of all, you can watch and learn ALL of the content you’ll need for the whole membership in just 76 minutes.

Step Two

Practice Your Responses

Every week we host a live, interactive practice session. In those sessions, we practice the skills that are mentioned in The 4R Response Method and we apply them to YOUR situation. With this practice, you’ll gain the experience you need to handle the situations you face with confidence.

Step Three

See Long Term Results

After you’ve learned and practiced the 4R Response Method, the membership will hold you accountable to building the routines that give you and your children what you need for better behavior, moods, and attitues… leading to genuine peace and calm in your home that lasts.

$135 for your first 60 days, then $35/month

What other parents asked before joining

Very simply, the Academy provides you with ongoing support and resources to make the job of parenting less stressful.

Live sessions are offered both during the day and in the evening. However, if you can’t make any of these sessions, the video recording and handouts are also emailed each week so you can work through them in your own time. 

Although you will learn a methodology when you first join the Academy, the Academy isn’t meant to offer more and more information (like a course may). It’s meant to help you MASTER strategies, one at a time, so that you feel more and more confident as a parent. It’s also meant to provide ongoing support through the variety of challenges and phases that your children go through as they grow!

Rachel has experience supporting families of children ages 2-22 but most of the resources in the Academy were created for parents of children aged 2-12. Many are appropriate for parents of adolescents as well. Rachel has weekly office hours where she can work with you live to apply the tips and strategies to your child’s age (and personality!)

We know how busy you are. The resources we create are meant to SAVE you time because we offer solutions to reduce power struggles, meltdowns, nagging, and other dynamics that are currently taking up so much of your time and energy.

Academy resources are all easily-digestible and delivered in a variety of formats…so you can use the format that fits into your busy lifestyle!

Members pay $135 which covers their first two months, and live 4R Practice sessions with Rachel. Then, your membership rate drops to $35/month, which equates to about $1.16 a day to reduce the negative interactions and power struggles in your home.

Still have questions about Parenting Academy benefits? We’d love to hear from you!

Proven parenting strategies that you’ll actually use.

When you join the Parenting Academy you’ll get access to everything below so you can start to reduce your overwhelm and stress when it comes to parenting… and enjoy more positive interactions with your kids.

Plus, accountability and practice sessions to make sure you actually use these tools.

It’s also the best deal for access to me when private coaching clients pay up to $250/hour for access to these resources, but by joining the Parenting Academy you can save money and time … plus get extra support from me and from other parents who have been in your shoes.

When You Become a Member of Parenting Academy, You Receive:

  • The 4R Response Method training for long-lasting improvement in behavior, moods, and attitudes in your home (not only in your children… but in yourself!)  (valued at $297 if purchased alone)
  • Live 4R Practice sessions to help you master handling even the most challenging behaviors (valued at $197)
  • Sample 4R Plans that demonstrate how you can respond better in real life situations (valued at $47)
  • Monthly 5 Day challenges to implement routines that lead to long-term results (valued at $97)
  • Daily text messages that motivate, inspire and keep you on track, even on tough days (valued t $97)
  • Weekly “Office Hours” to get answers to your most pressing parenting questions (valued at $197)
  • Scripts and “Say This, Not That” phrases so you’ll never have to wonder what to say (or say the “wrong” thing that just makes the situation worse) (valued at $27)
  • Tools from me and other guest experts that are meant to reduce your stress as a parent (and busy person) (valued at $97)
  • A private Facebook group where you can post questions any time and receive responses and support from me and other parents who get what you’re going through (valued at $197)
  • Weekly emails that summarize everything so you don’t feel overwhelmed (valued at $47)
$135 for your first 60 days, then $35/month

Here’s my commitment to you

I can teach you the steps to create a calm, peaceful home.

You can be that parent who doesn’t go to bed feeling exhausted and guilty each night, dreading the next (Groundhog) day!

It is possible to set boundaries without having to yell and engage in power struggles when asking your children to go to sleep, do their homework, clean up after themselves, and get dressed when they’re supposed to.

You can feel more confident in your ability to handle your children’s big emotions so you don’t have to walk on eggshells or avoid setting boundaries for fear of their meltdowns.

You can feel less worried and anxious and stay in control of your emotions and handle any chaos around you without making it worse.

It is possible to enjoy — and actually look forward to — more time with your kids rather than dreading weekends and time off from school.

Let me show you how inside the Parenting Academy, so you can start to reduce the negative interactions and power struggles – starting right now.

$135 for your first 60 days, then $35/month