No More Drama:

Feel More In Control as a Parent of a Child With Big Emotions

Join this free challenge starting on Monday, May 17th to learn the best tools to understand and respond most effectively to reduce the huge reactions, power struggles, and inflexibility in your home.

Plus, we’ll also cover:

Understand the science behind your child’s dramatic — often illogical — big emotions.

See situations from your child’s perspective so that you can start to identify what they really need in order to get control of their emotions. 


Exactly what to say and do to make sure they actually get what they need and not just what they want.

Feel more in control and less depleted as a parent. No more riding your child(ren)’s emotional roller coaster!

About Your Challenge Host, Rachel Bailey

I’m Rachel Bailey, M.A., CPDPE, a Parenting Specialist who’s been training and supporting families for a decade. I’m also a mom to a highly emotional child, and I know how depleting it can be. Honestly, my life would be extremely different if I didn’t have the tools to handle her big emotions.

My family and I would all be walking on eggshells, wondering what her mood was like (and how it would control the rest of us). There would be a lot more noise, chaos, — two things that really trigger me as a parent! — and the relationships in our family would definitely be very strained.

I’d love to teach you the (unfortunately non-intuitive) tools I’ve used in my home (to feel more in control and give my daughter what she needs), and the tools I’ve used support hundreds and hundreds of other families who have reduced the drama in their homes as well. 

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We’ve been working with our son on better ways to handle his emotions, and the strategies we learned from you have really been helping to diffuse the situation and help calm him down! Thank you so much for this. It has honestly helped our family in so many ways and I am so grateful!

Brenda B.

You always offer such useful tips. I’ve used them and they really work!