Join an Upcoming 4-Week Live Acceleration & Accountability Class

With Rachel’s support

Let’s be real… sometimes it’s hard to find time to implement the parenting strategies you learn without something holding you accountable.
In these classes, you’ll receive that accountability PLUS the practice you need to feel more comfortable with (and get faster results with) Long Game tools.

For each class, we’ll meet live for 4 weeks to and focus on one Long Game tool that falls within the Long Game curriculum. Here’s how:

1. Review the relevant Long Game pillar and how the tool we’re focusing on fits into a Long Game plan.
2. With Rachel’s help, identify a goal related to that tool that makes sense for you and your family.
3. Outside of class, practice using that tool so that it becomes more automatic and report back <— accountability!
4. In class, do exercises and have discussions to reinforce the progress you’re making.

Cost of class FOR RAISING RESILIENCE MEMBERS: $350 (or two payments of $180) for 4 weeks of live sessions,
accountability, feedback, practice, action — all led by Rachel*


All sessions are recorded and replays will be sent if you cannot make some of the dates.

Tuesdays, 12PM ET, July 11-Aug 1: “Practice Flexible Thinking & Problem Solving Skills”
From the Foster Emotional Resilience pillar, this class will focus on teaching and strengthening your child’s flexible thinking and problem solving skills so they aren’t as likely to go into Yuck to begin with. REGISTER HERE.

Tuesdays, 12PM ET, Aug 8-29: “Create and Practice Kids’ Coping Skills”
From the Foster Emotional Resilience pillar, this class will focus on working with your child to create and USE healthy coping skills when they’re in Yuck. REGISTER HERE.

*Prefer 1:1 sessions with Rachel? Go here.