Want LESS Drama this School Year?

Let’s create a plan to PREVENT the negative cycles that you’ve experienced in previous years! (It’s NOT HARD to do if you start now.)

When you’re raising a child with big emotions,
the school year usually brings

Difficult Morning Routines

You have to remind your child over and over to keep moving… or stop fighting with their sibling. And you’re tired of starting days that way.

Yuck from the School Day

When your kids come home, they’re irritable and more defiant. You want to connect with them, but they don’t make it very easy!

Exhaustion from Busier Schedules

Your kids are tired from earlier wake-up times and more activities, and that results in more irritable behavior negative moods.

Resistance to Homework (& More!)

There are power struggles over homework, bedtime, brushing teeth, showers… almost everything!

But what if all of that could change?

Imagine instead that …

  • You know exactly how to structure your days to reduce resistance and get things done more quickly.
  • You can get out of the house in the morning ON TIME, and WITHOUT regretting your interactions with your kids. You know you’re sending them off happy.
  • You can teach your children the skills they need to be less dependent on you to get through morning, homework, and bedtime routines, etc.
  • While the school year is busy, it doesn’t completely deplete you and your family. You even have energy left over to enjoy each other on a regular basis!

I’ll tell you how you can build a foundation for EXACTLY this when you join me for a two-part live workshop.


The “Less Drama This School Year” Planning Session
& Customization Call


Step 1 – Make Your Plan

I’ll walk you step-by-step through creating an actionable back-to-school plan during a live group call on Thursday, August 17 at 12pm ET. When you leave that first call, you will have

  • A routine in place for more positive, “get out of the house on time” mornings
  • A step-by-step plan for handling any resistance (over homework, bedtime, etc.) that does come up so you can nip it in the bud quickly!
  • A strategy to NOT get sucked into your kids’ big emotions so that you spend less energy being frustrated and more energy enjoying your kids

Step 2 – Test Your Plan

After our call, you’ll test your plan by putting it into action! (You’ll have a workbook AND bonus resources so you can try things on your own.) But then…

Step 3 – Perfect Your Plan

After you’ve had a few days to test the plan on your own, we’ll do another live call on August 28 at 12pm ET to review what worked, and I’ll help you make modifications to ensure you have next steps that work! Plus, you’ll also hear my suggestions to other parents that you’ll likely benefit from as well.

Here’s what’s included when you register for ‘Less Drama This School Year’

60-minute group planning sessioN + WORKBOOk
+replay to keep for future years!
60-MINUTE GROUP CHECK-IN and ask-rachel-anything
+ replay


motivational text messages to inspire & keep you on track
supporting kis with big emotions in the classroom

I’ve spent the last decade working with parents like you.

I’m Rachel Bailey, Parenting Specialist (and former therapist) who has been supporting parents who are raising children with big emotions for the last 10+ years.

Although I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and have served many roles in the field of psychology (ADHD Coach, Academic Coach, in-home mentor, psychotherapist), my passion has always been helping families reduce the drama in their homes.

That’s because not only have I helped hundreds of parents of foster resilience in their dramatic, sensitive, kids … but I’m also raising highly emotional (anxious, sensitive) children myself. I know what it’s like to not only feel exhausted worrying about and managing their responses on a daily basis… but also to spend much mental energy worrying about their future and whether they’ll be able to handle life.

I also know that the way we naturally respond to their big emotions and try to foster resilience… doesn’t work. And I know what to do differently. And if I know that if I didn’t have these tools, things would be much worse.

In our 1:1 session, I’ll share custom strategies that have made such a big difference not only in my home, but in the homes of all of the families I’ve supported over the years.

Imagine this:
Instead of feeling exhausted and helpless this year,
you create a proactive plan so that you feel


You create a structure in your home that allows your children to be more independent and successful (and takes the burden off of you!)


You know that you can handle challenges that previously derailed you — issues with morning and evening routines, negative behaviors and attitudes, etc.

closer to your children

You don’t have to resort to parenting strategies that negatively impact your relationship…and don’t even really work in the long run!

Are you ready to make YOUR drama-free plan?