“Ask Me 3” With Julie Lowe

Welcome to a bonus “Ask Me 3” episode with Certified High Performance Coach Julie Lowe!

Listen as I ask Julie the 3 questions:
1. You’re a high performance coach – what does it mean to live a high-performance lifestyle exactly? Can anyone adapt to it, or is it just for the super-organized amongst us? 
2. In your book, A Few Good Habits, you talk about how relying on willpower and motivation alone can be misleading and set us up for failure. Why is that and what should we do instead? 
3. Many people are on the hunt for a ‘magic bullet’ solution to better their lives. You, however, advocate for simplicity and returning to basics. Tell me more about this philosophy and what that looks like.

Listen as Julie asks me the 3 questions:
1. For a child with ADHD who struggles with emotional outbursts, could you share some practical advice on how parents can effectively calm the situation and help their child manage these strong emotions?
2. Many parents struggle with the constant battle over ‘device time’. Can you share a fun yet effective way to inspire kids to willingly switch off their devices?
3. We hear a lot about fostering resilience in kids. Could you share a real-life example of a parent-child interaction that encourages resilience in a situation of stress or anxiety?



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