“Ask Me 3” with Jessica Smith

Welcome to a bonus “Ask Me 3” episode with Accountability Coach Jessica Smith!

Listen as I ask Jessica the 3 questions:
1. What is one simple change that you’ve made to your eating habits that has resulted in the most/best benefits? 
2.  How do I get/stay motivated to workout or eat healthy? 
3.  What is one thing you’re currently working on to improve my own health & wellness?

Listen as Jessica asks me the 3 questions:
1. How do I help my kids have a healthier, positive body image?
2. What tips do you have for picky eaters?
3. What is one simple shift a parent can make in the morning or evening routine to make it more smooth?

*Update: Per Jessica, here’s the correct formula for how much protein we need:
Weight (in kg) TIMES 1.0  = _______ g to strive for daily.
(1.0 is the minimum….1.1 if more active…1.2 if athlete level) 



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