“Ask Me 3” With Jen Hershey

Welcome to a bonus “Ask Me 3” episode with Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Jen Hershey.

Listen as I ask Jen the 3 questions:
1. Why do we need to re-think self-help for parents?
2.  Why do parents need better resources than Google?
3.  How can tech reduce parenting stress?

Listen as Jen asks me the 3 questions:
1. I have a child who feels strongly and I worry about her socially. At school, she’ll only play with one person, and she feels a deep hurt if that person won’t play with her. How do I support her?
2. My child with big emotions seems to be ruling the house. How do I know when to rein it in or when do we let it ride?
3. I tend to get really upset at my child… and then remove myself from the situation. How do I not make removing myself the consequence?



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