100th Podcast Episode Giveaway! 

“Your Parenting Long Game” has just posted its 100th episode. To celebrate,I’m hosting a giveaway for anyone who subscribes and leaves a review. 

Three separate winners will be chosen and three separate prizes will be awarded. 

Just follow the 3 simple steps below to be entered to win! 

Just follow the 3 simple steps below to be entered to win! 

step one

Subscribe on iTunes

The first step to entry is to subscribe to the Your Parenting Long Game podcast on iTunes.

On your desktop:

  • Click here to open Your Parenting Long Game podcast page in the iTunes apps
  • Tap the Subscribe button

On Your Phone or Mobile Device: 

  • Open iTunes on iPhones, or open your podcast app on any other device
  • Search for “Your Parenting Long Game”
  • Click the purple subscribe button
Step Two

Leave a Review

If my free tips have ever helped you, or if you have a few minutes to check out an episode, leave a starred review and comment to let other parents know how helpful the content is.

Scroll down to the “Ratings & Reviews” section, and you can click on the stars to rate the podcast. Plus I’d also appreciate it if you leave a few sentences in the review to let other listeners know what to expect.

Step Three

Enter To Win!

After you’ve subscribed and left a review, enter your name, email, and the username you used to leave your review, and you’ll be entered to win one of three prizes:

One winner will receive 6 FREE months in the Rachel Bailey Parenting Academy (a $275 value)
Another winner will receive a 30-minute FREE coaching session (a $100 value)
And one more winner will receive a $20 Amazon gift card

Your Parenting Long Game Podcast giveaway ends on Tuesday, October 5 at 11:59 PM. 

Be sure to subscribe, review and enter your details above before the clock starts zero to be entered to win one of the prizes!