You’ve heard the tips, but you have questions about YOUR situation. 

And you don’t necessarily want more intensive parenting support

I can answer your questions. 

And I can suggest specific action to take to make things better, too.

Let’s talk. 

Schedule a 30-minute live “Ask Rachel Anything” session and leave our consultation with:


I will answer any questions you have related to family members’ behavior, moods, or attitudes… or reducing your own fears, stress, or overwhelm. 


Specific Action Steps

After the conversation, I recommend action steps you can take to shift the dynamics and experience long-term, positive results in your family.


Ongoing Support

If you are not already a member of my Parenting Academy, you will receive a free month of membership. There, you can ask questions any time (and recieve other support!).


With a parenting expert in your back pocket, you will learn what to say and do to handle the issues that you’re facing right now… and situations that arise in the future.

How It Works




Watch a brief introduction video before our session

(so we can focus on your questions & solutions)

After the call, you will receive your recommended action

steps and details to access the Parenting Academy

Price for consultation + notes+ free month in the Parenting Academy:


Ready to get answers to your questions?