“Ask Me 3” With Danielle Shea Tan

Welcome to a bonus “Ask Me 3” episode with Abbey Williams, therapist and founder of of You, the Mother.

Listen as I ask Danielle the 3 questions:
1. I have heard that some foods can impact a child’s emotions and attention, can you tell me more about which foods or ingredients and why? 
2. If a parent wants to try to change a child’s diet to see if behavior improves, how could they go about doing this with a picky eater? 
3. Does digestive health have any impact on a child’s emotional health? How?

Listen as Danielle asks me the 3 questions:
1. I am working to heal my toddler’s digestion but she has anxiety and stress about going poop because it has hurt in the past. How can I support her anxiety? 
2. At the dinner table, all my children do is complain about what’s being served but then they eat it after we’ve had a blow out. How can I avoid getting triggered by these complaints and diffusing an argument before it starts? 
3. My child has to avoid some foods as part of his healing protocol, but my husband and my in-laws still give them these foods and it’s setting him back. How can I get them on board?



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