Connecting With a Child When It Doesn’t Come Naturally

Many of us recognize the benefit of connecting with our children. And in many instances, connections are the best moments in both a parent’s and child’s day!

But what do you do when you have trouble connecting with a child — either because you and your child are so alike, so different, or because that child just seems to resistant to connection?

One parent described the helplessness she feels when she wants to do what’s best for her son… but just doesn’t know how to get through to him. 

But there are ways to learn to connect with a child, even when you find it difficult to connect.

Keep in mind that you will not always connect the way you want to with each child. Please don’t beat yourself up for that. Even admitting to your child that you’re having trouble connecting is a form of connection! 

And watch this video to see some suggestions for how to connect with a child with whom you just can’t seem to connect. 

(Since most of us parents are pretty busy, and probably slightly exhausted, here is a summary of the 3 tips I provide in this video.  But be sure to watch below if you want to hear more detailed explanations and some words and phrases that you can use when talking to your children.)

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