Emotions Controlling Your Home?

If you’re like the parents I regularly work with, you’re stressed out and overwhelmed by the drama in your home (and tired of walking on eggshells to prevent it!).

I’d love to walk you through my proven framework to help you pinpoint exactly what’s causing the intensity in your family – and what to do about it.

  • Exactly why your child has such big reactions when things don’t go their way or when they have to do anything uncomfortable
  • Why the strategies you’ve tried haven’t worked — at least not in the long run
  • A solution for long-lasting peace in your home

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Ready to get control back?

About Rachel Bailey

I’m Rachel Bailey, M.A., CPDPE, a Parenting Specialist who’s been training and supporting families for a decade. I’m also a mom to a highly emotional child, and I know how depleting it can be. Honestly, my life would be extremely different if I didn’t have the tools to handle her big emotions.

My family and I would all be walking on eggshells, wondering what her mood was like (and how it would control the rest of us). There would be a lot more noise, chaos, — two things that really trigger me as a parent! — and the relationships in our family would definitely be very strained.

I’d love to teach you the (unfortunately non-intuitive) tools I’ve used in my home (to feel more in control and give my daughter what she needs), and the tools I’ve used support hundreds and hundreds of other families who have reduced the drama in their homes as well.