“Ask Me 3” With Bonnie Dimmick

Welcome to a bonus “Ask Me 3” episode with Pediatric Sleep Consultant Bonnie Dimmick

Listen as I ask Bonnie the 3 questions:
1. For families with toddlers, preschoolers or young kids that aren’t sleeping independently, is it too late to help them learn? 
2. How can I get my kids to stop stalling so much and all their curtain calls at bedtime?
3. All of a sudden my great sleeper refuses to fall asleep without me in the room and is waking up at night, what should I do?

Listen as Bonnie asks me the 3 questions:
1. How do you deal best with periods where a child has a very strong parental preference?
2. What are your best tips for handling kids who hate making mistakes and it feels like logic and modeling aren’t working? 
3. How do you get kids to practice hard things or try something new without bribery or how do you recommend handling this?


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