Rachel Bailey’s Parenting Academy Affiliate Program

Thank you for your desire to share Rachel Bailey’s Parenting Academy
with parents who might benefit from practical parenting solutions & support.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be paid $35 for every Academy member who remains a member for at least 2 months.

Once you register to become an affiliate, you will receive copy that you can use on social media, in emails, etc. You should not
have to come up with anything on your own! (Of course, you can make changes to match your tone, branding, etc.)

Here are 4 simple ways to let people know about the Academy:

  • Mention it on social media (we’ve provided copy for you)
  • Send an email to your list (we’ve provided copy for you)
  • Have Rachel do a live webinar or Q&A for your audience
  • Reach out to individual parents / caregivers you think might benefit

Yes, Rachel can do a live webinar or Q&A with your audience (or provide a recorded video) so that they can learn her style and
benefit from some of her solutions first-hand.

When you sign up to be an affiliate, our software will collect the information needed to distribute your payment to you.

You can learn about it on this page. Rachel can also give you a live demonstration of the Academy and member benefits.

All you have to do is let people know about it and why you think it would be a good fit for them. As mentioned above, the promotional copy is provided for you, so this shouldn’t take much time at all!

Please email me at [email protected] to talk about the best way to demonstrate the value of the Parenting Academy to YOUR unique audience!

Still have questions about Parenting Academy Affiliate Program? We’d love to hear from you!