Episode 91

In the past, you may have tried to implement a strategy that resonates with you… perhaps a strategy to teach your daughter to clean her room or to motivate your son to be more respectful… but when you try that strategy, it doesn’t work.

And especially if you’ve made multiple attempts, you may start to feel defeated and hopeless.

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • What to do when strategies you’ve tried aren’t working — especially when you don’t have a lot of energy, but you don’t want to stop trying
  • How your perceptions affect your thoughts, feelings, reactions, and energy levels 
  • 2 simple phrases to use that can lead to an immediate positive change

Mentioned in this episode: 

Rachel Bailey’s Parenting Academy: Get answers to your personal questions, solutions for your individual situation, and support with taking action and staying on track

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Your Parenting Long Game Episode 36: A Tool to Help You Stay Calm, React More Effectively, and Regret Less (Useful vs. non-useful stories)

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