Episode 71

Many of us learned as children that if things were difficult, we should just suck it up and push through it.

In reality, when we just suck it up and push through it, Yuck builds up inside of us and negatively affects how we treat others and how we deal with situations.

In this episode, learn: 

  • How YOUR Yuck dumps can lead to better behavior, moods and attitudes in you and your children
  • A simple question to ask yourself to start your Yuck dump
  • How to make sure your Yuck dump doesn’t turn into wallowing

Mentioned in this episode: 

Rachel Bailey’s Parenting Academy: Get answers to your personal questions via private Facebook group and Office Hours where you can get solutions from Rachel directly
1:1 Yuck-Reducing Action + Accountability Program: Work with Rachel to identify action to focus on + be held accountable for those actions 

Your Parenting Long Game Episode 65: Two Things You Need for Long-Lasting Positive Change In Your Family
Your Parenting Long Game Episode 42: A Simple Action to Reduce Yuck (Yuck dumps for kids)

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