Episode 65

It’s that time of the year when we’re all thinking about improvement.

When it comes to your family, you likely want to see more respectful, resilient behavior and more connected relationships. But your attempts to make things better may not be leading to long-term results.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why what you’ve tried to address behavior, moods, and attitudes might not be working 
  • The two things that must happen if you want positive change to last
  • How I’ll be supporting you in realistically incorporating these two changes into your life

Mentioned in this episode: 

Rachel Bailey’s Parenting Academy: Join us to release your Yuck and connect with others. We’re better together!
(Also receive the benefits of interaction with me in a private Facebook group + Office Hours, scripts and “Say This, Not That” phrases, on-demand resources to address children’s behavior and moods, and more)

Your Parenting Long Game Episode 17: Two Things You Need If You Want to See Long-Term Change In Your Family
Your Parenting Long Game Episode 44: Find More Energy to Give You and Your Kids What You Need (Self care vs. self-treatement)

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