Episode 54

Most of us want to raise responsible, resilient, confident children — without feeling overwhelmed ourselves.

I started my business over a decade ago (and this podcast a little over a year ago) because I genuinely know how to help parents do just that.

When the pandemic hit and parenting became even MORE of a challenge for so many MORE parents, I knew I had to help; but honestly, I couldn’t figure out how to do it without burning myself out! I joined forces with Christina (Chris) Croll to identify ways to support more parents in ways that are realistic for myself… and for parents.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The struggles Chris has faced as a parent (even if you aren’t in the same situation she is, you’ll probably relate to her story!) 
  • What we’re doing together to support you, without assuming you have tons of extra time or energy
  • How the new Relief Plans we’ve created will help you stop relying Band-Aid Parenting strategies…. and experience long-term relief

Referenced in this episode:

“Reducing Sibling Fighting Parenting” Relief Plan

“Handling Schoolwork With Fewer Power Struggles” Relief Plan

“Helping Kids Transition Off of Screens With Less Resistance” Relief Plan

“Managing Parenting Stress and Anxiety” Relief Plan

“Not Getting Sucked into Kids’ Big Emotions” Relief Plan

The Parenting Relief Kit (all 5 Relief Plans included)

**Note: All of these Relief Plans will are included for free in the Rachel Bailey’s Parenting Academy Club membership. (Plans are rolled out each month.) 
For Relief plans + ongoing support (scripts, texts, FB group, resource library), check out Rachel Bailey’s Parenting Academy Club

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