Episode 47

Because kids have been home for so long, many of the activities that they used to enjoy are no longer engaging them. So they are bored, and as a result, their behavior has become more negative.

While many parents recognize that kids’ boredom leads to misbehavior, most aren’t sure what to do about it — beyond saying “Go find something to do!”… which inevitably doesn’t work for long!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why so many of kids’ negative behaviors — more than you realize — are related to their boredom 
  • Why entertaining your kids all day long is not the solution 
  • How to work with their brains to create a routine that will engage them for longer and lead to less misbehavior

Referenced in this episode:

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Your Parenting Long Game, Episode 2 (Your Parenting Long Game: The Framework)
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Your Parenting Long Game, Episode 35 (How to Motivate Kids to Do Schoolwork by Teaching Tools)

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