Episode 34

We know that we need to teach our kids how to act responsible and respectful. But how do we respond when they don’t do what they’re supposed to do?

Most of us rely on “traditional” discipline strategies like yelling, nagging, or taking away things that they care about with the hope that that will motivate them to act better in the future. However, many parents find that these strategies don’t actually lead to long-term positive behavior.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The 3 reasons punishment doesn’t tend to lead to the results we want
  • Why it’s to hard for us to stop relying on traditional discipline strategies, even though they don’t work as well as we’d like 
  • A different strategy for motivating responsible, respectful behavior that lasts (and how you can use this strategy in conjunction with punishment if you don’t want to give that up)

Referenced in this episode:

Your Parenting Long Game, Episode 1 (Band-Aid Parenting vs. Long Game Parenting)
Your Parenting Long Game, Episode 2 (Your Parenting Long Game: The Framework)
Your Parenting Long Game, Episode 8 (When You Can’t Get Your Kids to Clean or Do Other “B0ring” Things)

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