3 Things To Do When Your Child Says They Hate School (Or Any Other Activity)

At some point or another, most kids will complain about having to do something they don’t want to do. But sometimes these complaints about school — or another activity, like physical therapy or piano lessons — happen on a regular basis. 

It’s so frustrating to be a parent of a child who whines and complains every time they have to do something. We know that if they complained less, they’d probably enjoy the activity more!

And we also feel helpless because we don’t enjoy seeing our children in discomfort, especially when we don’t have the power to change the circumstances. 

But there are things you can do, even without physically picking up your child and forcing them to go somewhere… and without getting into a power struggle every time your child needs to leave the house.

So watch this video for some suggestions for what to do when your child says they hate something that they have to do. 

(Since I know you’re probably busy, here are the 3 tips that I discuss.  But be sure to watch the video if you want to hear more detailed explanations and some words and phrases that you can use when talking to your children.)

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