Episode 23

For many of us, life as a parent is stressful. But what makes us feel even more overwhelmed is when we want things to go a certain way — we want our kids to act a certain way, we want our spouses to do something different, we want our plans to work out smoothly — and they don’t.

So we try new and different strategies but when nothing works, we feel helpless and out of control… which only contributes to our stress and overwhelm.

If you want to feel more in control, it’s important to shift your measure of success so that you can genuinely have more of a positive influence on what’s happening around you. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What almost every single parent is doing that makes us feel more out of control
  • Why it’s so hard to stop this behavior… even when we know we should
  • A simple strategy that will help you feel more in control (and more likely to get you the results you want)

Referenced in this Episode:

Your Parenting Long Game, Episode 1 (Band-Aid Parenting)
Your Parenting Long Game, Episode 2 (Your Parenting Long Game Framework)
Your Parenting Long Game, Episode 4 (How to Stay in Control, Even When Your Kids Are Driving You Crazy)

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