Episode 11

reduce power struggles

As much as we want our kids to do what we ask, often our requests are met with resistance, disrespect, and/or big emotions. 

And even when we try other strategies to get them to listen to us (sometimes even positive ones like rewards or praise!), in the long run, most strategies don’t seem to stick. 

Often what kids are resisting is the feeling of being controlled… and we can actually improve their motivation by setting boundaries and helping them feel more in control at the same time. (Yes, it’s possible to do that — and it’s about MORE than giving them choices!) 

In this episode, you’ll learn 

  • The reason (that even our kids themselves aren’t aware of) that our requests lead to kids’ negative behaviors and big emotions
  • Why helping kids feel in control is NOT about giving into them or changing our boundaries 
  • Action you can take foster internal motivation so that your kids do what they’re supposed to do… without all of the nagging 

Referenced in this Episode:

Your Parenting Long Game, Episode 1 (Band-Aid Parenting)
Your Parenting Long Game, Episode 2 (Your Parenting Long Game Framework)
Your Parenting Long Game, Episode 9 (Give Kids What They Need, Not What They Want)

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