Episode 001 – Band-Aid Parenting vs Long Game Parenting

Have you been band-aid parenting?

This is common for most parents who are trying many different strategies to reduce the power struggles, meltdowns, negotiations, and negative attitudes in your home… but even if those strategies work in the short run,  you’re not seeing long-term results. And it can make you feel helpless, overwhelmed, and completely burnt out! 

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode: 

  • What “Band-Aid Parenting” is 
  • What happens when you rely on Band-Aid Parenting
  • Why  most of us are doing this type of parenting, even when it doesn’t work
  • The solution for seeing long-term results

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  1. Looking to print these cheat sheets now that I have made it through many of the podcasts! These resources and your instruction are great! Thanks!

  2. Fabulous – thank-you! I’m a counsellor and I’m about to put one of my clients on to your podcast for extra support/information.

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