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Parent education benefits employees AND organizations.


“By helping our work force deal more effectively with family issues…employees will be more productive and more focused. Parents who receive solutions at work also “give more to the company,” demonstrate “higher morale,” and are more likely to stay longer with the company.” –Senior Human Resource representative

“Workplace practices that are designed to help employees cope more effectively with family and life issues can be beneficial to an organization’s bottom line. These progressive benefits are preventative in nature and can be instrumental in helping employees feel more in control, thereby reducing stress and absenteeism and increasing productivity.” –Former President and CEO, Society for Human Resource Management

“Improving employees’ abilities to handle pressure at home can have major payoffs for an organization…” –Canadian Mental Health Association

The workplace presents several distinct advantages for the delivery of a parenting intervention which could reap significant bidirectional benefits for the workplace and the household alike.” –Peer-reviewed evaluation of parenting intervention in the workplace.




Responding to the need for realistic strategies to reduce stress,

Rachel Bailey offers workshops and classes to parents in their workplace.


  • As an employee at a variety of organizations for the first 10 years of her career, Rachel knows that employees need to be able to fully focus on their jobs. As a parent, she knows that parents cannot fully focus on their jobs if they are worried about their family or stress at home.
  • Working parents find it virtually impossible to learn ways to improve their family dynamics when their non-work hours are crammed with errands and other responsibilities. Parents don’t want to take time away from their family to improve their skills, even if those skills may decrease their level of stress. Parents’ stress (and guilt) affects performance at work, their stress at work affects their family life, and a vicious cycle is created.
  • To optimize parents’ time, Rachel creates and offers workshops and classes in the workplace. The strategies she teaches are tailored to parents who need to know how to make the most positive impact on their relationships with their children with the least amount of effort.
  • The skills that parents learn will improve their communication and relationship skills with family members and with co-workers.


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How It Works


  • Rachel offers free workshops on a topic chosen by a company or organization. (See below for topic options. All topics include Rachel’s unique experiential exercises.)
  • If there is enough interest from parents within the organization, Rachel will develop relevant  3-session classes that will be offered at the employees’ location during the work day.
  • Parents themselves may pay for the class, or organizations may choose to subsidize all or a percentage of the fee for the class. (Classes are $150 per attendee for all 3 sessions + materials.)
  • Other parent education services for employees are also available, including live online consultations, email consultations, and parenting newsletters. Rachel will work with each organization to meet the needs of the workplace and its employees.


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Popular Topics for Workplace Workshops and Classes


Getting Your Kids to Listen Without Yelling or Nagging

Raising Kids With Positive Self-Esteem

Helping Your Anxious Child

Motivating the Unmotivated Student

Parenting When Your Spouse Is Not on the Same Page

Staying Calm Even When Kids Push Your Buttons


More Comments from Attendees of Rachel’s Previous Workshops 


“Very enjoyable and informative. Rachel engages her audience well.” – Nicole, mom of 1

“Rachel gave tools that seem ‘real world’ and actually useful.” – Cynthia, mom of 4

“Really helpful. I found it particularly helpful for helping me handle stress so I can model that to my children.” – Shawn, dad of 3

“Great info. Realistic advice.” – Erin, mom of 2

“It was very enlightening. I honestly received more tips than I anticipated. I appreciate the honesty and practicality of the information.” – K.B., mom of 3

“Very informative for a dad.” – Anthony, dad of 4

“Great! Helpful tips. No judgement. Practical for imperfect parents (everyone). Thank you!” – Emily, mom of 1

“Very informative. Great tips and tools and examples. Great Q&A; it was very helpful.” – Chris, dad of 2

“Great information. I liked how Rachel went step-by step and gave us practical tools that I can actually  use.” – Kristen, mom of 2

“This made me feel like I can raise self-confident kids. Thank you so much!” – V.S., mom of 2

“Rachel’s presentation was helpful, detailed, and filled with ideas.” – T.Z., dad of 1


To schedule a free workshop, contact Rachel at or 703-309-9131.