Let’s Work Together

I will teach you practical, long-term strategies and tools for improving the behavior, moods, and attitudes in your family.

So that I can help you achieve (and maintain) your goals, I often support parents using 2-step process outlined below.

However, I do tailor programs to each familyPlease set up a call with me to discuss what will work for you.

Step 1: Build a Plan

I will teach you (via a training + live, one-on-one consultation) how to

build an actionable, long-term plan for meeting you parenting goals.  

The video training (+ workbook) will guide you through a

step-by-step strategy for building your customized plan. 

During our live session, I will answer your questions and

help you make any modifications needed.

Why I start with suggest you start a video training before we meet live:

~While it may take 2-4 weeks to get onto my calendar for a live session, this training will allow you to learn how to address your situation
(and start to experience rrelief!) quickly.

~Since you will already have a foundation to build upon, our meeting can focus on MODIFYING your plan to make it work for you.
~You’ll still get one-on-one support from me, but you’ll be saving time and money!


Training + 60-minute live session starts + 1 free month in my Parenting Academy (see below) starts at $275

To get started, set up a call with me to discuss your situation.

Step 2: Receive Ongoing Coaching and Support

Once your plan is built, I will provide ongoing support and coaching through my Parenting Academy.

As a member of the Academy, you receive access to:

~A private Facebook group where you can ask me questions at any time
~Live monthly trainings and interactive Q&As
~On-demand resources, including behavior roadmaps, behavior-improving tools, and past trainings from me and guest experts
~Scripts and “Say This, Not That” phrases that demonstrate all of the tools in action
~Suggestions for how to tailor tools to the age(s) of your child
~The ability to work with me via one-on-one coaching sessions
(I am not offering sessions to non-members at this time)
~Accountability to ensure that you don’t fall back into old parenting patterns!


One free month of membership is included when you sign up for your training + live session with me.
After that month is over, you may cancel your membership or remain a member for $35/month.


Let’s figure it out together.

Set up a call to discuss your situation and how we can work together.