Work With Rachel

I will teach you practical, long-term strategies and tools for improving the behavior, moods, and attitudes in your family.

How We Can Work Together

I have spent the past few months considering my work with hundreds and hundreds of parents over the past almost-decade…

using their results to determine how best to support YOU if you want to experience long-term positive results in your family.

With that in mind, I will now be working with families in the following ways:

One-on-one consultations focused on addressing one topic

Here are examples of topics I’ve worked on with parents in the past

3 live sessions + accountability between sessions

$600 (may be made in 2 payments)

A one-on-one program focused on creating a larger transformation in your family

You’ll learn a clear framework for improving your influence and improving your child’s motivation. You’ll know exactly how to foster long-term responsible behavior, resilience and confidence in your child so they act and feel better… and you feel more in control.

10 live sessions + accountability between sessions

$1500 (may be made in 3 payments)



LIVE online group trainings focused on specific behaviors

Sept 2019: Motivating More Responsible Behavior: The Long-Term Solution
Oct 2019:  Reducing Kids’ Big Emotions / Meltdowns / Drama: The Long-Term Solution
Nov 2019: TImproving Kids’ Self-Esteem, Confidence, and Motivation: The Long-Term Solution
Dec 2019: Staying More Calm as a Parent: The Long-Term Solution


ON-DEMAND self-paced trainings focused on specific behaviors

Available Fall 2019


You don’t have to decide on your own what type of support is best for you.

Let’s have a conversation and figure it out together!