Workshops and Webinars

Workshops and Webinars

No matter how much they love their children, many parents these days feel helpless, overwhelmed, guilty, and burnt out.


Parents want to know what to say and do to raise great kids and make life a little…easier. And calmer.

In-person workshops and online webinars (for organizations and businesses) offer parents hands-on skills and tools that they can implement immediately.

How It Works


  • Workshops are tailored for individual organizations and group members. (Companies, law offices, health professionals, or schools/community groups, please click on the appropriate link to find information pertaining to you.)
  • The information in workshops is relevant for parents of children aged 2-20. 
  • All workshops include instruction, experiential exercises, and time for individual questions. All participants will leave with strategies that they can try as soon as they see their children the next time.
  • Workshops can be delivered in-person in your location or online. For online webinars, your group members would receive a link to join the live presentation.
  • Workshops last for 90 minutes when possible, but can be changed to meet the needs of the group.
  • The price for workshops is $250. However, when groups do not have a budget for this type of event, there is some flexibility in this fee.
  • Some suggested topics are below. Rachel can speak on any topic related to raising responsible, resilient, confident children (including management of behavior, emotions, and concepts including self-esteem).


Examples of Workshop Topics


How to Raise Responsible Children Without Yelling or Nagging

Managing Tantrums and Other Strong Emotions

Raising Siblings Who Get Along 

No More Shrugs and Grunts: Getting Your Child to Open Up to You

Helping Your Child Manage Stress and Anxiety

The Key to Raising Children With Healthy Self-Esteen

Motivating the Unmotivated Student

How to Parent When Your Spouse Is Not on the Same Page

Staying Calm Even When Your Children Push Your Buttons


Comments from Attendees of Rachel’s Previous Workshops 


“Very enjoyable and informative. Rachel engages her audience well.” – Nicole, mom of 1

“Rachel gave tools that seem ‘real world’ and actually useful.” – Cynthia, mom of 4

“Really helpful. I found it particularly helpful for helping me handle stress so I can model that to my children.” – Shawn, dad of 3

“Great info. Realistic advice.” – Erin, mom of 2

“It was very enlightening. I honestly received more tips than I anticipated. I appreciate the honesty and practicality of the information.” – K.B., mom of 3

“Very informative for a dad.” – Anthony, dad of 4

“Great! Helpful tips. No judgement. Practical for imperfect parents (everyone). Thank you!” – Emily, mom of 1

“Very informative. Great tips and tools and examples. Great Q&A; it was very helpful.” – Chris, dad of 2

“Great information. I liked how Rachel went step-by step and gave us practical tools that I can actually  use.” – Kristen, mom of 2

“This made me feel like I can raise self-confident kids. Thank you so much!” – V.S., mom of 2

“Rachel’s presentation was helpful, detailed, and filled with ideas.” – T.Z., dad of 1


To schedule a webinar or workshop, please contact or 703-309-9131.