If you want to raise children who…

do what they’re supposed to do, even when they don’t feel like it,

don’t let their anxiety, frustration, disappointment, or other emotions control them,

make healthy choices (and avoid unhealthy risks) because they feel good about and respect themselves,

 let me show you how to make that happen. 



My job is to teach you what to SAY and DO to raise responsible, resilient children —

without adding more stress or guilt to your life.


How we work together depends on your situation: 


  • If you’d like a custom-made parenting plan that tells you exactly how to handle the frustrating, overwhelming parenting situations you face…

You should join Rachel Bailey’s Parenting Academy.

The fee for your customized plan + ONE MONTH of support is $250, and you’ll receive

  • a 90-minute session, where we’ll build your personalized parenting plan together live (in person or via video conference)
  • a personalized parenting plan (a living document that you can take anywhere and access forever)
  • a month of free support for your plan to make sure things are working (and you’re staying on track)
  • access to live trainings, live question-and-answer sessions, parenting scripts, “say this not that” phrases, daily text messages, and more

Go here for more details.


  • If you have specific questions and want to meet one time

We can meet in person live or via video conference. The fee is $175, which includes 1 month free of the “Community Support” level of Rachel Bailey’s Parenting Academy.

Contact me to set up your session.


  • If you’d like me to create a personalized parenting class for you and your friends / neighbors / co-workers…

I will create a live (in-person or video) 4-session class for your group.

Contact me to set up your group.


  • If you’d like me to speak to your school or organization,

See my list of past speaking events and list of frequently-requested topics that I can talk about.

Contact me to set up a workshop, training, or group.


If you’re just not sure what type of services would work best, let’s figure it out together!
Call me at 703-309-9131 or email me at Rachel@Rachel-Bailey.com.