Video Tips

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“How to Be Less Reactive (and More Patient) by Making Deposits”


“How to Get Kids to Do What They’re Supposed to Do”


“2 Quick Strategies for Staying Calm When You’re About to Lose It”

“Why Rewarding Behavior Backfires (And What You Can Do Instead)”

“How to Reduce Resentment and Interact More Effectively With Kids”‘


“If You Want To Motivate Responsible Behavior, THIS Is Much More Effective Than Punishment”


“Should You Be Your Child’s “Friend”?”



“How To Know Which Battles To Choose”



“What You Must Do To Get Kids to Listen AND Feel Good About Themselves”


“How to End Power Struggles”


“How to Get Kids Out of the House Faster in the Morning”



“How to Get Your Kids To Talk to You About School (And Other Things)”



“Another Tip for Handling Siblings Who Fight”



“A Quick Tip for Handling Sibling Fighting” (Apologies for the shaky recording…my webcam wasn’t working but I wanted to get this tip out there!)



“How to Get Kids to Respect (And Listen To) You More”



“What To Do When You Mess Up as a Parent”



“Why Punishments Don’t Work and What TO Do Instead”



“When Your Child Freaks Out When You Say ‘No'”



“When Your Child Only Listens When You Yell”



“When Your Child Takes a Looong Time To Do Everything”



“When Your Child Won’t Take Responsibility”



“When Your Kids Bicker All the Time”



“When Your Child Won’t Clean”



“How to Connect With Your Child When It Doesn’t Come Naturally”



“How to Influence Your Child”



“How to Choose Your Battles”



“Your Child’s Emotions Don’t Have to Control Yours”