If you feel helpless and a little hopeless, you’re in the right spot.


You want to improve your child’s behavior.

You want to make sure your children can handle obstacles and believe in themselves.

And you have tried a number of strategies to make these things happen.

Either those solutions haven’t worked… or they’ve worked, but you simply can’t implement them consistently because you are busy and exhausted.  

(Besides, it seems like once you have mastered one strategy, your child enters a new phase and that solution doesn’t work anymore!)

One of the problems with many parenting strategies is that they they don’t help you gain an instinct for why your child is doing what they’re doing… so when your children grow and change, you have no foundation to stand on.

Plus, your demanding lifestyle prevents you from parenting the way you want to on a regular basis. And that inconsistency prevents any strategies from being truly effective.

Things will be different this time.


There are two main reasons that Parenting by Deposit programs are different:

1.) All individual consultations and group classes use experiential exercises to help you build YOUR parenting instinct.

Through these exercises, you will learn why your child is doing what they’re doing. You’ll learn what exactly will motivate their positive behavior and their confidence… and WHY it works.

As a result, you will know how to respond to your child… no matter what they throw at you or what “stage” they are in.


2.) Once you determine what will work and why (even if you have more than one child!), you’ll learn what YOU need to give your children what they need.

If you don’t have time or energy to implement a strategy, we will work together to formulate a concrete plan (as in Step 1, Step 2, Step 3) that is realistic given your circumstances. 

(The truth is that a confident, less-stressed parent is more effective than a parent who is implementing all of the “right” strategies correctly. So even if make changes to the strategies that are “supposed to”work, your new plan will still work if it works for you. Plus, you can feel less overwhelmed knowing that you don’t have to follow everything to a “t.”)


Check out individual consultations and group classes that will help you truly understand your child… so that you can raise them in a way that works for them and for you.