Services for Law Offices

Services for Law Offices

Your clients are struggling. They need tools to feel less helpless and more in control, especially when it comes to their children.


You can help to ease their mind by offering parenting workshops that teach hands-on, realistic tools for raising confident, resilient, children —  even when those children are experiencing large-scale changes in their lives.


By offering parenting workshops and service, you increase the loyalty and gratitude of your clients as you:

…Offer a unique and valuable benefit.

…Improve clients’ relationships with their children.

…Decrease clients’ level of stress.

…Demonstrate your ongoing commitment to improving clients’ lives.


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How It Works


  • Rachel offers a free parenting workshop at your office (or online). Examples of potential topics are listed below.
  • If there is enough interest from parents, Rachel will offer 3-session classes or parent support groups at your location (or online).


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Examples of Workshop Topics 


Steps for Helping Children Thrive Through Divorce

Parenting When Your Spouse (or Ex) Seems Out to Get You

Helping Your Anxious or Sensitive Child Deal With Transitions

Motivating the Unmotivated Student

Staying Calm Even When Kids Push Your Buttons


Comments from Attendees of Rachel’s Previous Workshops 


“Very enjoyable and informative. Rachel engages her audience well.” – Nicole, mom of 1

“Rachel gave tools that seem ‘real world’ and actually useful.” – Cynthia, mom of 4

“Really helpful. I found it particularly helpful for helping me handle stress so I can model that to my children.” – Shawn, dad of 3

“Great info. Realistic advice.” – Erin, mom of 2

“It was very enlightening. I honestly received more tips than I anticipated. I appreciate the honesty and practicality of the information.” – K.B., mom of 3

“Very informative for a dad.” – Anthony, dad of 4

“Great! Helpful tips. No judgement. Practical for imperfect parents (everyone). Thank you!” – Emily, mom of 1

“Very informative. Great tips and tools and examples. Great Q&A; it was very helpful.” – Chris, dad of 2

“Great information. I liked how Rachel went step-by step and gave us practical tools that I can actually  use.” – Kristen, mom of 2

“This made me feel like I can raise self-confident kids. Thank you so much!” – V.S., mom of 2

“Rachel’s presentation was helpful, detailed, and filled with ideas.” – T.Z., dad of 1


To schedule a free workshop, contact Rachel at or 703-309-9131.