Parents of Sensitive and Dramatic Children


You tell your son that he can’t have the yellow cup because it’s in the dishwasher. He yells and screams at you.

You tell your daughter that she can’t go to her friend’s house because she needs to finish her homework. She tells you she hates you and cries for an hour.

When tell your son you won’t buy him the new game he wants, he acts as if you have destroyed his life.


You know it’s OK for your kids to be have feelings… but often their emotions seem OUT OF CONTROL.

It seems to take so much energy to deal with it all.

And you’re exhausted. 


This “Skills-Based Group for Parents of Sensitive or Dramatic Children” (in-person or online) will meet twice a month to discuss practical, hands-on, stress-free strategies.

If you are a parent of a child aged 2 – 18, you will learn to help your sensitive or dramatic child effectively handle frustration, disappointment, and other obstacles that they will inevitably face in life.


What You’ll Get From This Group



As a guilt-free parenting specialist, I will bring information about child development, the connection between the brain and behavior, and other data that will help you understand why your child is acting the way they are acting… and exactly what you can do to help.

No more wondering how your child could be get so incredibly upset over the smallest thing… or what you should say when it happens.


In each meeting, we will share practical tips and hands-on strategies for effectively reducing the frequency and intensity of tantrums and other dramatic behavior — now and in the future. And you’ll learn how to do it in a way that is respectful of every member of your family.

No more walking on eggshells to prevent meltdowns or focusing on one child to the detriment of the other siblings.


These groups will be filled with parents who understand what you are going through.

No more feeling alone with your frustration, overwhelm, guilt, and stress. This will be a safe place to discuss what you are going through — because everyone there will GET IT.


At the beginning of each session, we will check in to discuss the strategies that you have practiced since our last meeting.

No more hearing all of these great strategies and being too busy to implement them. We’ll even discuss tips for how to make low-effort, high impact changes when you’re overwhelmed and stressed!


How It Works


  • The group will meet for 4 90-minute sessions for 4 weeks in a row.
  • The next session will take place online (I will give you a URL to log into so you can particpate in the class from the comfort of your own home!) on Mondays from 8:00 – 9:30PM. 
  • Before the class, I will gather information about each member so that I can tailor the information and exercises to the ages and behaviors of your children.
  • Each 90-minute session will include education + experiential exercises + Q&A + time for sharing stories and tips. 
  • You will leave each meeting with new ideas and simple strategies to implement. We will check in regarding the tips you have tried, discussing what worked and what didn’t. You will also have access to a Facebook group where you can contact me or other group members between classes.
  • At the end of each block, you will leave with a personalized plan that helps you to address your child’s behavior long after the class is over. And you’ll still have access to everyone in the Facebook group!


Upcoming Meeting Dates


Mondays, 8:00 – 9:30PM EST: February 27, March 6, March 13, March 20, 2017

Location: Your computer, tablet, or phone; I will give you login information before we meet





Your investment for this program: $150 for a 4-session block  ($37.50 per 90-minute session)

Includes class time + materials + access to a secret members-only Facebook group

Note that individual consultations are available. The cost of those is $125-$150 per 60-minute session, so groups like these tend to be much more budget-friendly.


I look forward to helping you bring more peace and confidence to your home!