You want to know how to get your kids to do what they’re supposed to do —


clean up after themselves,


do their homework,


go to bed without so much resistance…


You want to know what to say when your child is melting down just because you told them they couldn’t buy something at Target. 

You want to know what to do when your child is being aggressive, or disrespectful, or just WILL NOT STOP being mean to their sibling. 

You want specific tools to handle the challenges YOU face on a daily basis. 



And you’ve read books and blogs and advice from parenting experts




…you become too distracted and busy (once real life happens) to remember what you are “supposed to say” to motivate your children to make positive choices.

…even when you think you know how handle your kids’ behavior and moods, new questions and issues keep popping up. 

…without regular reminders and practice, you fall back into old parenting patterns that make both you and your child feel worse.

…you’re tired of the guilt and stress of parenting that weighs you down every day.

…you’re sick of being surrounded by people all day long (who usually need something from you!) and still feeling isolated and lonely. 




You want someone to support YOU.


And you want to know exactly what to SAY and DO to ensure that your children grow up to be responsible, resilient, and confident adults

…without making you feel more stressed or guilty.



You can have that.


When you become part of Rachel Bailey’s Parenting Community, you will get access to

realistic strategies that reduce the stress of parenting, even as your children grow and challenge you in new ways. 


Members of the community receive:


  • Direct responses to YOUR parenting questions… when you need them.


  • parenting roadmap that teaches you, step-by-step, how to improve your influence over your child (so they finally listen!) as well as your confidence as a parent (so you finally understand why the heck your children are acting so crazy!)


  • Clear scripts that tell you what to say and do so that you can effectively handle your children’s behaviors (lack of cooperation, disrespect sibling fights), moods (dramatic emotions, lack of motivation, low self-esteem, anxiety), and other “real-life” situations that you face on a daily basis.


  • Regular (but not overwhelming!) positive parenting reminders and tips so that you don’t slip back into old habits.





This convenient, cost-effective program offers the stress-free support you need to be the parent you want to be. 

As a member, you will have access to services, products, and live Q&A sessions that offer low-effort, high-impact solutions that keep you focused on your parenting goals.


For $35 a month, you will have access to:


  • Content that teaches you how to motivate positive behavior in a way that improves your child’s resilience and self-esteem, including:
    • QUICK WINS that offer practical tips for handling kids’ frustrating behavior using simple (high impact, low effort) tips that bring quick results.
    • A PARENTING “ROADMAP” that guides you through the process of increasing your influence over your child while teaching you how to respond to even the most frustrating behavior with confidence 
    • SCRIPTS that tell you what to say to motivate more responsible behavior and more confidence in your children. These scripts will save you time (no more searching for answers in books, blogs and websites)… AND soothe your parenting worries, stress, and guilt.
    • TIPS FROM GUEST EXPERTS such as sleep and feeding specialists, organizers, and even experts in how to find more free time for yourself.


  • Direct answers to your personal questions:
    • A PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP where you can ask any parenting question you’d like at any time. (You can tag me in the post if you’d like a response from me…. or receive advice from other members of the group about what has worked for them.)
    • LIVE Q&A SESSIONS live sessions that you can log into from your computer, tablet, or phone. Join the session using video (or audio) to ask me your questions directly.


  • Services and products that are like “cheat sheets” to help you handle even the trickiest parenting situations — AND help you stay on track!
    • LIVE GROUP “TAKE ACTION PLANNING SESSIONS” where I’ll help you build a personalized plan for handling specific behaviors like tantrums, sibling fighting, etc. Then I’ll check back in with you to see what’s working and what isn’t!
    • AN ACCOUNTABILITY PROGRAM to help you stay on stop of your parenting goals, even when everything else in life feels like a distraction


  • Live members-only and reduced-price services 
    • INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATIONS – As a member, you may schedule private one-on-one consultations with me at any time. Your price for a 60-minute session will be $115 instead of $150 for non-members.




I would love to offer the support you need to spend more time enjoying your children and less time worrying about or searching for solutions about how to handle them.

Join us today.