You know how you WANT to parent.



…You become too distracted and busy (once real life happens) to remember what you are “supposed to say” to motivate your children to make positive choices.

…Even when you think you know how handle your kids’ behavior and moods, new questions and issues keep popping up. 

…Without regular reminders and practice, you fall back into old parenting patterns that make both you and your child feel worse.

…You’re tired of the guilt and stress of parenting that weighs you down every day.

…You’re sick of being surrounded by people all day long (who usually need something from you!) and still feeling isolated and lonely. 


That could all change now.



When you become part of Rachel Bailey’s Parenting Community, you will receive the solutions and support you need to make parenting less overwhelming. 

Effective, Realistic Strategies to Reduce the Stress of Parenting

  • Regular (but not overwhelming!) positive parenting reminders and tips so that you don’t slip back into old habits.
  • Clear scripts that tell you what to say and do so that you can effectively handle your children’s behaviors (lack of cooperation, disrespect sibling fights), moods (dramatic emotions, lack of motivation, low self-esteem, anxiety), and other “real-life” situations that you face on a daily basis.
  • Tips for keeping your cool and building your confidence so that you can finally conquer the pressure associated with raising children today.
  • Direct responses to YOUR parenting questions… when you need them.


A Community To Help Reduce Parenting Guilt

  • A space where we have open discussions about what it is really like to parent these days
  • Conversations about parenting fails (so we can share with people who understand us)… and parenting wins (so we can celebrate each other’s successes)
  • Tips for how to feel handle that those deep-down fears (that we are messing up our children) and feelings (that we wish we could just take a break from parenting… at least for a little while!)



Available to any parent, caregiver, or teacher who has worked with me at least one time, this convenient, cost-effective program

offers the stress-free support you need to be the parent you want to be. 


As a member, you will have access to services, products, and Q&A sessions that will provide

low-effort, high-impact solutions that keep you focused on your parenting goals

… as well as a space where you can be real about how exhausting and frustrating parenting can be!


For $35 a month, you will receive:


  • Weekly emails with SCRIPTS that tell you what to say to motivate more responsible behavior and more confidence in your children. These scripts will save you time… AND soothe your parenting worries, stress, and guilt. (Click on an arrow to read more information about each):

Improving Your Child's Behavior and Resilience

Each week, you will receive an email with a scenario and a script that tells you how to respond in that situation.

Scenarios will include handling children who aren’t listening, motivating children who aren’t motivated by anything, and building the resilience of children who melt down over the smallest things… plus much more.

Accompanying each script, you’ll also receive tips and quick exercises that are meant to help reinforce the script and examples of actions you can take to proactively to reduce the issue to begin with. (These proactive tips are essential if you are like me and not a perfect “in-the-moment” parent!) 

Improving Your Mood and Resilience

In each weekly email, you will also receive SIMPLE, stress-free proactive “deposits” you can make so that you have more energy and patience.

The goal of these deposits is to help you feel less overwhelmed and stressed so that you stop behaving in ways that you regret… while still motivating your kids to listen to you. 

  • Direct answers to your personal questions (Click on the arrow to read more information about each):

Secret Facebook Group

Once you become a member, you can join this private group where you can ask any parenting question you’d like at any time. (Please tag me in the post if you’d like a response from me…. or receive advice from other members of the group about what has worked for them.)

Not only will this group offer solutions for the issues you face on a daily basis, but you’ll connect with other parents who understand what you are going through

Bi-monthly LIVE Q&A Sessions

Each other week I will conduct live sessions that you can log into from your computer, tablet, or phone. I will provide an URL and you can join the session using video (or audio) to ask me your questions directly

  • Access to a community of parents who are honest about the realities of parenting children… so that you have a place to go to talk about your frustrations (without wallowing in them)
  • “Make parenting easier, please!” products as they become available… These products are like “cheat sheets” to help you handle even the trickiest parenting situations
  • Live services at reduced prices (Click on the arrow to read more information about each):

 Individual Consultations

As a member, you can always work with me to take a deeper dive into any parenting issues you facing. These sessions are $125 for an a la carte session or $115 if you purchase 3 sessions.

(The price for non-members is $150 per session.) 

  • Advice for how to handle your real-life issues through services that are ONLY available to members (Click on the arrow to read more):

  Scenario Analysis

Below are some questions that will help you understand how this service works:

What is a scenario analysis? 

Most parents tell me they wish I could hear what actually goes on in their homes so I can tell them what they should say/do in that situation.

While I cannot live in everyone’s homes, I am very happy to help you analyze a real-time scenario and provide tips and strategies for how you can handle the situation more effectively in the future.

How does it work?

These days it is very easy to find an app to providing an audio recording of a situation (for example, Smart Voice Recorder). First, download that app. Keep your phone nearby whenever you are in an area of your home where “issues” frequently occur.

When you sense things are getting out of control with your children, record the conversation. You can then send that conversation to me using an encryption software (such as Infoencrypt).

Then, we will either have an in-person session where we analyze the situation together, or I will send you a video message with my analysis and suggestions.

I will ask you to sign a release that gives me permission to listen to and comment upon the recording.

Should I tell my child that I am recording?

I suggest that unless there is a reason not to, you should let your child know ahead of time that you will might record an interaction.

Be sure to let them know that you are recording them so that YOU can receive help. They should not believe that this recording is a type of punishment or that it is meant to shame them.

What is included in my membership?

An in-person analysis (we meet to discuss the scenario together) costs $75.

A video message (I listen to the scenario and send a video response with my thoughts and recommendations) costs $50.

This service only available to members of the Parenting by Deposit community.

  A Private Conversation Using the Voxer App

Below are some questions that will help you understand how these conversations work:

What is considered a “conversation”?

A conversation is considered as many back and forth voxer messages needed to address ONE question. For example, you may leave a Voxer message asking, “What do I say when my son cries and says ‘No one likes me?’” I will respond to your question with a Voxer message. If you have questions about my response, you may ask that question as long as it still pertains to the first question.

What is Voxer?

Voxer is a free app that allows us to record voice messages for each other. You simply press a button, ask a question, let go of the button, and that message will be sent to me!

Think of this like leaving a voicemail without having to call the person first. (It’s like that button you wish you had when you have to call someone on their birthday but don’t want to talk to them.)

You will need to download the Voxer app onto your phone or tablet, but it is a free app. Once you find it, you can search for my mailbox.

Why use  Voxer?

With Voxer, I can answer your questions thoroughly (I often speak more effectively than I write!) and you can listen to my response at your convenience — while you are driving, folding laundry, or even sipping a glass of wine! (Hopefully you’re not doing all of those at the same time…)

What do I get as a member of this community? 

For members, the cost of each Voxer conversation is $20.

This service is not available to parents who are not members of the Parenting by Deposit community.

I would love to offer the support you need to spend more time enjoying your children and less time worrying about or searching for solutions about how to handle them.

Join us today.