Live Group Classes

Live Group Classes

You’re exhausted. You don’t have extra time or energy to make-large scale changes.


But you NEED your children to listen… or get ready faster in the mornings…or end the fighting with their siblings. You need it to happen NOW.

And you know other parents who in the same boat.

Live group classes are one of the most efficient, popular ways to learn specific parenting skills without having to make a major commitment of your time or finances. 


The Benefits of Group Instruction over Individual Consultations


Unless there is a real need for individual consultations, I encourage parents to form or join a group class. That’s because when you are part of a class:

  • You receive the same information that you would receive in individual sessions.
  • You feel less alone. You realize, with relief, that others are struggling with the same problems you are.
  • You can be open and honest about what parenting is really like. In the classes I teach, I am honest about my imperfections… which often motivates others to be genuine as well. And hearing that others don’t live the “Facebook/Instagram life” — where families are happy and smiling all the time — can, in itself, help reduce our stress. 
  • You learn from others. Although I do know a lot about raising confident, responsible children, I acknowledge that other parents have some unique solutions that I might not have thought of yet!
  • You become part of a community that you can reach out to when things get rough. I have run many of these groups over the years, and almost 100% of group members say that their friendships have become stronger, and they have felt more supported, than before they joined the group. 



How It Works


  • WHO: Although I do create some groups myself, most are created by YOU. Any parent, group, or organization can request to create a parenting group.
    • Group members should something in common, but that “one thing” can be up to the group. Members may:
      • Have children who are the same age OR
      • Have children who display the same behavior (anxiety, lack of motivation, etc.)  OR
      • Know each other through their workplace, neighborhood, or other organization.
    • If you are interested in finding a group but cannot find members, contact me and I can help you.
  • WHAT: The content of the class is up to the group. The 90 minutes may include some or all of these options (or I will customize meetings for you):
    • A lesson created by me on any topic related to raising confident, responsible children or feeling more in control as a parent; see topic suggestions below
    • Unique experiential exercises that help parents to understand what is truly underneath children’s behavior and feelings.
    • Group members bring questions about parenting issues that they’ve faced and would like to know how to “solve”
    • Group  members provide support and create plans for accountability as they make changes to bring more peace to their homes
  • WHEN: We meet for 90-minute sessions every week (or every-other week) for 4 weeks. Weekend and evening times are available.
  • FOR HOW LONG: The group only commits to 4 sessions at a time. Once the 4 sessions are over, members decide if they want to participate in another round of 4.
  • WHERE: I will come to the group in a location of your choice. If you do not have a location or are not local to me, I will run the group online. (That means group members would log in from their own homes.)
  • SIZE: The ideal group size is 6 – 10 families. Fees increase for groups of 3 families or less.
  • COST: For groups that have 4 families or more, groups cost $75 per 90-minute session per person, or $300 for all 4 sessions. (If groups decide to continue after the first 4 sessions, the price is reduced to $62.50 per session, or $250 for all 4 sessions.) There is NO additional cost for spouses to attend.
    • Note that I do provide individual consultations as well, but these cost $150 per 60-minute session. As I said, groups are much more cost-effective!


Examples of Topics Discussed in Classes


Getting kids to listen without yelling or nagging

Dealing with power struggles over homework, bedtime, etc.

Reducing fighting between siblings

Handling children’s anxiety or perfectionism

Fostering motivation in students who don’t care

Raising children with healthy self-esteem

How to parent effectively even when you’re stressed or tired

Parenting when you and your spouse (or ex) don’t see eye-to-eye

How to increase your patience with your kids


To schedule a class for your group or organization, contact Rachel at or 703-309-9131.


I look forward to teaching you guilt-free, stress-free strategies to help you feel more in control… so you can enjoy the time you spend with your children.