Get Your Kids to Listen and Act More Responsible: The Long Term Solution

(Even When What You’ve Tried Before Hasn’t Worked!)

Parenting Expert Rachel Bailey will teach you the exact steps for motivating your kids to do what they’re supposed to do… so you can eliminate nagging, yelling, and power struggles for good. 

4 easy-to-digest lessons over 4 weeks.
2 Live Q&As.
An extra month of support AFTER the class is delivered (including a live training!).

And most importantly:

Get your kids to listen and finally have
more peace in your home. 

Over 4 weeks, you’ll learn a step-by-step process to:

Identify which rules to enforce and which to let go of so you can feel (and act!) more confident in the moment 

Improve your influence over your children so you can stop asking your kids 5+ times to do something 


Increase your child’s resilience so they do what they have to do, even when it’s hard or they don’t feel like it

Foster internal motivation so your kids do the right thing, even when you aren’t there to remind (nag?!) them

Your classes have changed the way we parent, and our parenting has changed the way our kids act and feel about themselves. The steps you teach make sense, and we were able to implement them even in our busy lives. We’re really grateful.

J.P., Dad of 2

What You Get When You Join: 

  • The “Get Kids to Listen and Act More Responsible” program, sent to you by email in 4 digestible sections. Each will include lessons, examples, and

    implementation exercises.

    The program will also walk you through building your personal long-term

    parenting plan so you’ll know how to get kids to do what they’re supposed to

    do — brush their teeth, get off of their device to do their homework, speak more

    respectfully, etc — without the power struggle and drama. 

  • An action-oriented workbook that will include questions that help you apply the lessons to your situation. The workbook is a great resource to refer back to in the

    future if you find yourself falling back into old habits.

  • Two live, interactive Q&A sessions where I will answer any questions you have. If you are unable to join us in the Q&A sessions, you may also email me your


  • Free support in my online Parenting Academy for 30 days after the class is over

    In the Parenting Academy,  you’ll have access to:

    ~ANOTHER free live training, “How to Feel More In Control As a Parent”
    ~Scheduled “office hours” — live, interactive Q&As
    ~A Facebook where you can ask me questions any time
    ~Scripts and suggested phrases that demonstrate the strategies we discuss
    ~On-demand resources that offer strategies for handling other behaviors, including tantrums and meltdowns, sibling fighting, and staying calm as a parent

    Most importantly, by the end of the program you’ll know how to get kids to do

    what they’re supposed to do — brush their teeth, get off of their device to do

    their homework, speak more respectfully, etc — without the power struggle and



I was tired of being the “bad guy” all the time. I’m still firm with my kids, but at least I also enjoy them… and they enjoy me… now too!

T.B., Mom of 2

 How It Works


Register here for the “Get Your Kids to Listen More And Act More Responsible: The Long-Term Solution”  ($300)


Immediately upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email with the details about the class. 


Your first lesson will be delivered on the morning of Monday, Sept 16. 


The rest of the class dates are:

2nd lesson delivered: Monday, Sept 23
Live Q&A: Tuesday, Sept 24 at 12:00PM EST
3rd lesson delivered: Monday, Sept 30
Live Q&A: Wednesday, Oct 2, 8:30PM EST
4th lesson delivered: Monday, Oct 7

Rachel gets how hard it is to raise kids these days. Her solutions are practical and they fit into my busy life. Sarah 2., Mom of 3


How do I know if this class is for me?

This class is for you if you want to learn a step-by-step process for reducing the power struggles and nagging, threats, and negative energy in your home. It is for you if you want new strategies (that actually stick!) to get your kids to do what they’re supposed to do (clean up after themselves, do their homework, get dressed in the morning, stop fighting with their siblings, etc) — even when they don’t feel like it.  

This class is NOT for you if you are not willing to put in a little bit of time and work to see significant change in your interactions with and responses from your children.

How and when does the program take place?

At the request from multiple moms who said they prefer not to have the constraint of live classes, I have created this program so that you can do the lessons in your  own time.

I will be sending the lessons (and accompanying tips and bonuses) to you by email for 4 weeks. However, you do not have to keep up with this schedule. You may access all of this material for 6 months after you register.

Live Q&A calls will take place using Zoom, a video conferencing software. You’ll receive a link to log into at the time of the class. You may log in by video, audio only, or you may choose not to be on video or audio and only listen in.

What if I don't finish the program in 4 weeks?

Of course it’s no problem if you can’t finish the class in 4 weeks! You will have access to all of the online materials, and may email me any questions, for 6 months after the class. 

What is included with my $300 payment?

When you purchase the class, you will receive the entire “Get Kids to Listen and Act More Responsible: The Long-Term Solution” program.

~Each week for 4 weeks (starting Sept 16), you will receive a new lesson in your inbox. Lessons include exercises to help you practice the lesson and apply that lesson to your situation.
By the end of the program, you will have created your own long-term parenting plan for motivating more responsible behavior in your kids.

~You’ll also receive an interactive workbook that you can keep (and refer back to) forever.

~You will be able to join two live Q&A calls (on Sept 24 at 12:00PM EST and Oct 2 at 8:30PM EST) where I can talk to you live! You may also email me any questions you have.

~Plus, once the class is over, you’ll receive a free month of support and tools via my online Parenting Academy.
As an Academy member, you’ll have access to

  • ANOTHER free live training about how you can feel more in control as a parent
  • Scheduled “office hours” (live, interactive Q&As)
  • The ability to ask me questions any time in our private Facebook group
  • Scripts and phrases that I send via email
  • On-demand resources to keep you on track
For parents of children in what age range is this program appropriate?

This class is appropriate for children of parents aged 3-16. 
As an Academy member (which is free for one month after the class is over), you’ll receive tips that are tailored to the age of your child(ren). 

What if I don't have time for the program now?

You’ll have access to the class and all of the material for up to six months. However, I encourage you to start to use the strategies sooner rather than later, as children’s misbehavior tends to get worse as time goes on. 

If You Are Ready For:

Fewer power struggles,
less nagging, and
more responsible behavior from your kids
now AND in the future

… please join us. 

(This is the last time I will be offering this program this year.) 

It’s time for positive change.
I’ll help you make it happen.