Upcoming Workshops and Webinars

For more information about any of the events below, please contact me. (Most are open to the public, but some are not.)




“No More Drama: Taming Tantrums and Improving Your Child’s Resilience” (Wednesday, Sept 19, 8:30PM, FREE ONLINE TRAINING)

“How to Raise Responsible Kids Without Yelling or Nagging” (Thursday, Sept 20, 8:00AM, Leesburg, VA)

“Helping Kids Handle Stress and Anxiety” (Friday, Sept 21, 8:30AM, Ashburn, VA)

“Understanding Children’s Behavior” (Tuesday, Sept 25, 12:30PM, Vienna, VA)

“Raising Children With Healthy Self-Esteem in a High-Pressure Culture” (Saturday, Sept 29, 11:30AM, Fairfax, VA)

“How ‘Yuck’ Affects Our Relationships and Behavior (And What We Can Do About It)” (Sunday Sept 30, 10:30AM, Vienna, VA)



“How to Identify and Consistently Enforce Family Rules” (Tuesday, Oct 2, 8:30PM, ONLINE for members of my Parenting Academy)

“How to Improve Children’s Cooperation” (Thursday Oct 4, 8:30PM, Private Facebook Group)

“Fostering Internal Motivation in Students” (Thursday Oct 11, 9:30AM, Herndon, VA)

“Let’s Get Real About Parenting” (Tuesday, Oct 11, 8:30PM, ONLINE for members of my Parenting Academy)

“Why You Must Be Imperfect to Raise Great Kids” (Monday, Oct 15, 10:00AM, Herndon, VA)

TOPIC TBD (Tuesday, Oct 16, 6:30PM, Burke, VA)

Live Parenting Question and Answer Session (Thursday Oct 18, 8:30PM, ONLINE for members of my Parenting Academy)

“How to Raise Children’s Resilience, Self-Esteem, and Motivation” (Saturday, Oct 20, 10:00AM, Vienna, VA)






Note that I will be limiting the number of public workshops that I do in order to provide more support for my online Parenting Academy.

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