Individual Consultations: Age 10-20


You want your children to be the best they can be.


You want them to choose to study for their exam rather than texting with their friends.

You want them to turn down an offer to drink alcohol or take drugs at a party.

You want them to be on the path that will lead to their brightest future.

In spite of everything you have done to be a good parent who raises a responsible, happy child – your child is struggling.

You have tried everything to motivate them to achieve.

You are burnt out, worried, and you don’t know what to do next.


The truth is, trying harder and doing more to change your child’s behavior is NOT what leads to a confident, self-reliant, successful child.


Instead of trying motivate your child to make healthy choices, you can teach them to respect themselves so that they choose to make positive decisions for themselves…not because they’ll be punished if they don’t.

When a boy asks your daughter to send a naked picture, she will know, deep down, why she has to say no.

When your son’s friends ask him to take the car out before he gets his license, he will be able to say no with confidence.

Instead of trying to find the “right thing” to do or say to change her behavior, you can give your child the tools to handle discomfort so that they can make responsible decisions – even when those decisions don’t feel good in the moment. 

When they have to stand up to a friend who is treating them disrespectfully, they’ll have the tools to face their anxiety and fears.

Instead of trying find ways to get them to open up to you, you can become a powerful positive influence whose advice they seek and appreciate. 

Instead of receiving one-word responses, your child will reach out to you when they’re struggling. And you will revel together in their successes.

You can raise your child to become the best version of themselves – no matter how things are now.


I can show you how.


During our individual consultations, we will discuss the concerns that overwhelm you during the day and keep you awake at night.

We will work together to identify the root of the issues you face, and we will create concrete solutions to help your child become more confident, responsible, and resilient.

At the end of our work together, you will believe that your child has a bright future full of promise.



The goal of individual consultations is to empower you. By the end of our work together, you will know:

  • what to say and do when your child is feeling or behaving negatively
  • how to foster long-term responsible behavior and resilience in your child


How Often We Meet

If we have not worked together before, we will begin with 3 60-minute sessions that usually take place within a period of a month or so.


What We Do In Sessions

During sessions we will discuss:

  • the struggles (and successes) that you are experiencing
  • the root of your child’s behavior
  • practical strategies that will motivate responsibility and foster healthy self-esteem and resilience in your child
  • what to say and do to ensure that changes last not only now, but for years in the future

At the end of each each session, you will leave with action steps to take (and a clear plan to follow). During our meetings, we check in and adjust this plan as needed.


Where Sessions Are Held

Sessions are held in my office (at locations in Fairfax and Loudoun Counties), on the phone or online. 


The Cost of Sessions

Sessions cost $150. After 3 sessions, we will decide how many (if any) further sessions are needed.



To schedule your consultation, call 703-309-9131 or email

I look forward to helping YOU and YOUR CHILD meet your full potential.