Tantrums and Strong Emotions


You tell your son that he can’t have the the yellow cup because it’s in the dishwasher. He yells and screams at you.


You tell your daughter that she can’t go to her friend’s house because she needs to finish her homework. She tells you she hates you and cries for an hour.


You know it’s OK for your kids to be disappointed… but their emotions sometimes seem out of control.

It seems to take so much energy to deal with it all. And you’re exhausted. 

In this 3-session class you’ll learn a guilt-free, stress-free approach to reducing the frequency and intensity of your child’s tantrums and strong emotions… and what you can do to raise a resilient child.

What You’ll Learn


  • How to Handle the Force of Emotions In Your Home

You will learn what is at the core of meltdowns, including how your child’s brain is processing information and what you need to do to bring more calm to any situation.

  • What To Say and Do In the Moment of Emotional Chaos

You will learn exactly how to respond when your child is in “meltdown” mode in a way that helps soothe them more quickly.

  • How to Prevent Future Tantrums and Meltdowns

You will create a plan to ensure that tantrums occur less often — in a way that genuinely improves your child’s ability to handle disappointment and frustration.

How It Works


  • Immediately after registering (and paying for) the class, you will receive a link to the first e-lesson. That lesson will be a video + follow-along Action Guide.
  • One week after the first session, you will receive the second session. One week after the second session, you will receive the third and final session.
  • Each session includes an educational component + exercises to reinforce the material + worksheets guiding you to create your personalize plan.
  • At the end of the 3 weeks, you will have a complete strategy to ensure that your kids will tantrum and “freak out” less… long after the class is over.
  • In addition, once you purchase the class I will offer you access to a private (secret) Facebook group where I will answer your individual questions, offer tips and motivation, and much more!
  • (For even more information about this class and others, visit the main page of the “The 3-Week Class for Stressed Out Parents.”)

Your Investment: $150 for instruction + materials 


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