You have likely tried many different strategies to reduce the power struggles, meltdowns, negotiations, and negative attitudes in your home… but even if those strategies work in the short run,  you’re not seeing long-term results. Learn WHY the tools you’ve been using rely on what I call “Band-Aid Parenting” — and why band-aid parenting only leads to short term results.  

I’ll also discuss the framework for “Long Game Parenting,” which relies on long-term solutions for improving behavior, attitudes, in moods of everyone in the family! The best news is that Long-Game Parenting doesn’t take longer… the results just last longer. 

 In Band-Aid Parenting:  

  • We’re focused on shaping behavior on the surface rather than looking at what’s causing behavior and addressing that issue 
  • We spend so much energy on in-the-moment parenting (trying to make behavior stop in that moment as it’s happening)
  • We’re focusing on shaping behavior and in-the-moment parenting because we’re feeling overwhelmed and busy and stressed in life… We’re making parenting choices from a place of discomfort. 

 The Parenting Long Game Framework accounts for that (plus all of the latest brain research) by focusing on these areas instead: 


1. Improving your influence over your child so they know they have to listen to you

2. Improving your child’s resilience so they have the tools to do what they need to do  

3. Improving your child’s motivation so they want to act and feel better